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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Jiska humein tha intezaar who dinn aa gaya, so friends here we take great pleasure to announce our 10 days vacations to India , starting from tomorrow. As you all knew it was Sachin’s b’day yesterday and he got lot of wishes from all of you guys, and he’s a real happy man now :)

This is the pic I wanted to post on his b’day post, which I clicked on 20th morning but has not taken the data transfer cable so couldn’t do that, anyways I can do it now :)So coming back to our India Plans, okie bags are packed (still little bit packing is left, so Must be done todayGot long list of things to carry which includes………
  • A mobile
  • Chinese Fans
  • Lamp
  • Perfumes
  • Watches
  • Synthesizer
  • Chocolates (loads of it) Wish I can keep them all
  • Gold gift items for both our moms

And still the list goes on and on :) ;) So the plan is we’ll land in Apni Delhi and from there Siddharth n Garima (our friends) will be there to receive us, we’ll oad our luggage in their Santro (hopefully it comes in their car or else they will make us sit on the top of Santro :DSo we all four will go to jaipur by road sounds good naThen Sidds n Garima will go to their parents place and we’ll finally have ghar ka maa key haath ka food :)

Have good time in jaipur and then few days in chandigarh so we will be back on 3rd Jan

So guys see you on 3rd Jan

Wishing you all a very wonderful new year

Happy New Year 2007

~Preeti and Sachin

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Love you darling

After all it's Sachin's B'day you see......
Wish I could have put the pic I clicked in morning :)
Love you always

Monday, December 11, 2006


Saturday and Sunday was full of shopping apart from the house cleaning abhiyaan.Saturday Got up late on saturday (naya kya hai :D)So got up at 10 a.m. , had breakfast and slept back at 12 p.m. why???? after all it is weekend isn't it :DGot back at 3:30 p.m. Cleaned home religously till 5 p.m. and were exhausted like anything. Reached Farrer Park at 7:30 p.m. and were joined by few friends for dinner, Searched for vacant tables in nearby restuarants....and were successful by 10:15 p.m.(Weekend Again :P) After having dinner we started our shopping in mustafa, entered mustafa at 11:30 p.m. (sounds funny isn't it) Got out of mustafa at 1:30 p.m. with just one suitcase :D empty ofcourse. We purchased a suitcase to carry our luggage to india, and on billing counter that lady greeted us by saying goodmorning maam, had to see my watch (1:30 a.m. oh yah morning :P)We all had tea outside mustafa and were exhausted like anything so thought of buying other things next day, so came back home watched TV till 4 a.m. and went to sleep at 4 a.m. Sunday:Got up at 10 a.m. again, had breakfast, cleaned home, did laundry and left home with shopping spree at 2 p.m. So went to Simlim Square first, had some electronics items and oh yes Sachin got me a new camera tooThen we went to china town, beautifully decorated street, that street is called lucky chinatown, But the thing is we have to walk a lot to find out things of our interest. One can be easily fascinated with all goodies there and is hard to decide what to buy and what not to buy. Had few of the japanese fans, some watches, merlin symbols, softtoys for kiddos there, some tit bits and then thought of buying things next weekend as it was already 9 p.m. now, So in all it was a fun-filled, but tiring weekend :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Quick update

It's almost 18 days since I have written anything. The schedule is actually getting tighter and tougher to handle.Today looks a little strange as I have no work to do and sitting idle in office , looking around to cheeni- japanis ( as Sachin calls them ) . Then my favorite thing to do, what else then read blogs and write something to connect to you all ..
Ah, weekend is here and TGIF , so excited as 14 days to go . .. and horrified by the state of house which needs monstrous cleaning .. Hopefully this Saturday would be the Salvation Day for my house
Kitchen cabinets need to arranged up, pile of clothes need to be ironed, dusting and mopping.. me getting jitters just thinking about it . So if u guys happen to pass by our house and see panchoo dhobi and shanta bai attire on both of us pls bear with us
14 days to go from today to India.. this would be a short vacation but much desired one .. then we would meet our best pals ..sidds and garima and then parents .. cannot wait ..lah ( as u say it in singaporian)
Sachin's b'day happens to be on 20th dec and mine 3rd jan, but won't be able to celebrate with family as going just 2 days after his and coming back one day before mine.... so singapore we are here to celebrate our b'days..... anyways when we are with family and freinds .. all days would be a party in india

All in all very busy , very excited and all charged up for exciting one month to follow ..

Monday, November 20, 2006

Life In Singapore.....

It's been a long while any post come up from us. All we have posted for last few months is little bit happenings in life, or we are coming back kind of posts :P, although wanted to post a lot but first didn't had net access at home, then joined a job (A week ago) so couldn't get time for this. Have missed everyone's comments and of course missed reading all of your posts. But now am covering that by reading posts one by one of all you guys.
As all of you know we have shifted to Singapore some 3 months back. So facing lot of changes in life, job, daily routine. After coming to Singapore one biggest change of our life is "Me and Sachin have become active :D " Jokes apart, seriously we have to walk a lot be it for going to office, or for shopping or even going to local grocery shop. When we were in India both of us were dependent on our lovable car, wherever we had to go, we just took out our car and headed towards it. Be it our office or a shop located at 50 meters from our apartment :P I don't remember we ever used bus or auto's for traveling there, But now car is beyond our capacity to afford here, car's parking is much costlier than the fuel here :D
Thank goodness transport system here is worlds best, so traveling is much easier and now don't feel bad that we don't own a vehicle here. MRT systems and buses are really good here. Singapore is most people friendly nation, so they have taken care of every minute needs of people and made life easy. Now I feel our goal to reduce weight is not far away :D In India I remember only place I used to walk was from my apartment floor to lift gate, from ground floor lift till car, Get down at office gate, walk till lift and be seated at my place and same while coming back :D
I guess we'll be fitter while we'll come back to India.

Feels Good :D

Other major change in life, LIFE has become very BUSY. Hardly get time and now I understand the actual meaning of TGIF Where we eagerly wait for weekends so that we can get up at 10 am. My day starts here at 6:30 a.m. I never thought I will ever get up so early in my life, even for exams also I never got up so early :D
And then we cannot afford maids here so all work is done by us only.
Even we don't get dhobi's here so have to iron our clothes ourself. :D Life became hectic.

Unlike India don't have the lunch facility in office, so have to prepare lunch in morning, then rush for MRT, it takes 1 hour for me to reach office, Sachin is lucky his office is at
20 mins run. MRT system is amazing here. But one can see the same amount of rush during the office hours, but still I wonder how people manage to walk without knocking anyone :D, without pushing in trains, :D:D

Amazing thing is people don't honk horns on traffic lights, infact I don't remember if I had heard any horn voice in last 3 months here :D People are patient enough to wait for there turn. People are punctual for time, reach office sharp at 9 a.m. and leave dot at 6 p.m. :D They don't stretch like Indians, and in my office as 75% are Indians they still sit stretch till 6:30 p.m. or 7 p.m.

This place is not at all meant for vegetarians. Veggi's cannot survive here until and unless they know cooking and cook for themselves.
People here eat weird food, that stinks also. And when our neighbors are on cooking spree, we have to close our windows and doors :D
(People usually do not cook here and therefore that explains huge chain of food courts here)
Although we do have some Indian restaurant here but they have limited things on veggie menu and yes VERY EXPENSIVE too And yes even when buying vegetables, one has to look again and again to find out what vegetable is this, hardly find good Indian vegetables

Howcome don't ask me ;)
We feel strange too

So make sure on your visit here, don't end up eating fish sandwich, if u ask or pay for vegetarian sandwich :P

Place is very neat and clean and to find dust here is almost impossible

While taking a home on rent here common trend is you get a fully furnished house with all the necessities you can think of. other thing I liked here is people are very generous and courteous. If you happen to look into eyes of other person (who is completely stranger to you) It is expected that both of you should greet each other with smile.
(If this practice you follow in India, and some guy do this to any good looking girl he will definitely end up with some chappals :D)
So people keep on greeting others in lift, trains or buses, malls, etc.
Coming to malls, huge is the word I got to say Amazing

Oh yes I forgot to mention about the number of escalators in MRT stations. The total number of escalators in one MRT interchange must be much more than total number of escalators in India.

As I told this place is people friendly and is most disabled friendly nation. You will find lifts, escalators, walk ways at every 50 mtr distance in the interchange. Then special phones are installed for disabled people who sit in wheelchair for their convenience. Everywhere you will find ramps for wheelchairs.

One thing you will definitely notice is number of mobile users here, be it a train or bus, mall or road, you will find people walking with earphone plugged in their ears, listening to songs and phone in their hands. If not listening to songs then definitely typing sms messages.
Here person gets his or her first hand phone at the age of 5 , isn't that strange, school kids taking mobiles in their prep class. If it is a family of 4, all four will be having individual phones :P
And yes all of them having trendy mobiles, kids having PDA too
Another thing noticeable here is people like reading a lot. You will catch people reading novels and other books in MRT, even if they don't get seat to sit, still they will be reading while standing, walking also.
Height I have seen is a kids mom is shopping in a mall, kid is walking along with from one floor to another but reading a book while walking :D
now what shall I say about that kid :P

Eating a bubblegum is a criminal offence here, and you are not suppose to give tips to waiter or else you will land up in soup
There are very good places from tourist point of view, which I will mention in my next post, abhi ke liyey itna hi, I guess I wrote quite a long post this time :D


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Here I come

:) So am back with bang in blogworld......... to start with a fresh new template

Lot of our creativity put into place in this template

Sachin helped a lot with images and placing right picture at right place

Some Efforts from my side too
Love to have your comments

Coming up soon...........

Life in Singapore

Keep Logging in

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some Problem

Am having some problem with my template so haved changed to basic template, will soon come up with new post and new template
okie la

Monday, October 16, 2006

We are back

Hi folks,
hope you guys have not forgotten us .. We are back ..on our space .. We have relocated and settled down in Singapore .. Anjan ( preeti) has got a job too and my job is going fine .. We had been missing our dear blogspace for long .. Preeti will take a while before actively updating it. but till then i will try my best to update it regularly now .

To Start with these are some of the pics from our new home , preeti has worked too hard to make it look good ..

So everybody .. please coming here ..

thanks from preeti and me ..


Added later by Me (preeti:))
Am so happy to come online after one month, have been missing u guys a lot, Hope to see u soon, with some stories abt singapore :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I have a news , Sachin cleared his first 2 sem of MBA exams, He scored well and got Grade A
Not bad :P
Hip Hip Hurray
Congrats Dear
Am Proud of you
Meri mehnat rang le hee aayeee :D

And my packing still going on. Am so excited

Monday, August 28, 2006

We Are still Alive.....

:P am happy to see people still remember us and news from our part of world is Sachin has taken 2 bedroom apartment on rent there in Singapore, am still in jaipur, 2morow am leaving from delhi will stay one day there and then will go to jaipur and hopefully on 1 sep or 2 sep I will fly to Singapore
As far as sachin has updated me it is nice place, I will like the apartment although furniture is old fashioned rather unique as he says dressing table looks like as if it belongs to maharani gayatri devi
and he says it is lovely place and is waiting for me to come so that he can show me around, and yes he is missing me a lot
I don't think I need to say that am Missing you sachin

Small update my DP got approved so hopefully am flying on 1st sep

Another update couldn't fly on 1st so now my 8th midnight tickets are confirmed

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hi Junta ,

The news from this part of the world is we are relocating to singapore !!!. I have taken a job offer there and I and Anjan would be moving to Singapore. I am leaving 27th July and Anjan would join me after a month ..

Till then she will have very little or almost no access to internet so our blog will be little dormant till then ..

so folks catch u al from singapore

till then ..


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Quick Update :)

Okie am here just for one quick update and to my horror I come to know blogs are blocked :( This is so bad. I was trying to reach my own blog and couldn't anyhow thanks to Times of India who came up with the way to reach back your own blog.

Okie Coming back o updates, frieds Sachin is finally giving his exams and till date he has successfully given three papers and there are still 5 more to go including the one he has to give today :)

Will come back soon with further updates, btw me going to b'lore for 2 days :)

See you guys very soon...


Friday, July 14, 2006

We will be back soon .... :)

Ahh this is what I hate saying but I have too that we are taking leave from blogdom for few months..........
Hope you guys won't forget us by the time we come back with bang, lots of new things to share, talk and show.....

I have somehow started loving this space so much that my day in office starts with all ur posts and the comments u leave on ours.... It has some how become a routine task to open up my blog then switch over to all you people blogs, see whats new, which one is updated, the one which is not updated, requesting them to update it soon, then other fever orkut and to chat with you guys.

I would be out as both of us would be in a transition state for next month and a half . I would have deffered access to net so won't be able to update it as frequently

Am oops rather we going to miss it a lot.

Hope you guys will miss us also :P

Okie guys won't say bbye, but will say we'll be back soon

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's A Hap Hap Hap Happy Birthday

Yeah a very quick post before I start day of mine here in office this post is dedicated to Neetie
Birthday Girl. Neetie you all must be knowing a sweet bubbly girl, always ready to help others, my first blog friend, whom I got to know 3 years back where in she was the first person to comment on my previous blog which I closed forever now :)
Neetie, girl who always never missed anyone's b'day's and anniversaires, and happen to write post for all of them,
Lets wish all of us a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.
God Bless You Neetie (this is her tag line :P)

~Preeti and Sachin :)

Friday, July 07, 2006


Hi ppl ,
I am writing this post in too much of hurry . Too Occupied in work but just wanted to celebrate achievement of My Preeti . She has won a first prize in Pot decoration in her company , something she did for the first time with not much background in craft . I am proud of you my love . Keep it going .. We will celebrate it soon .. Contgratulations again


Thursday, July 06, 2006

ye yo ye yo

Yippiee I have changed our blogs template to welcome My Mother-In-Law (MIL) who is coming today at 6:30 p.m.

Okie fine kidding... :) I know she is never going to access this blog and infact she dowsn't even know the meaning of blog. We were thinking to change the skin of the blog from long time, so today I finally did it. #:-S

Okie it's just to update that my MIL and bro in law coming today, so this is going to be a fun filled month hurrayyyyy
mazza aayegaa

okie one more update I got first prize in pot decoration, got declared today :)

BTW title doesn't mean anything :P

Monday, July 03, 2006

Fun Filled Weekend

Yup wanted a break since long time and finally the time came of the same.
We went to Nagarajuna Dam this weekend and forgot completly our stressful life. We group of 9 ppl ( one being a 1 yr old kid :P) started at 9.30 a.m. from Hyderabad on Saturday 1st July, It is 180 km from our place and we took two cars. One being ours Santro and other being of Vaibhav dada. Hmm before I tell you about the trip let me tell you about all those who were part of this trip :D
yeah Yeah you know both of us so no need to give our intro ;)
Then their were Siddharth and Garima, I guess I mentioned abt them also in some of my posts, Sidds bhai is best friend of Sachin for last 27 years and then there were Vaibhav dada , garima's brother his wife pooja bhabhi and their cutie son Khushu (Vedant) and bhabhi's sisters Mona and Minni ( Minni do good mimicry of cartoon characters too while talking to Khushu )

So we reached there around 2:30 p.m. and stayed in AP tourisim resort Vijay Vihar, Wonderful place, good rooms but pathetic food, but never mind, on cost of the time, pleasure and fun we can sacrifice that and enjoyed like anything. All of us even forgot that we are employed people with jobs and there is anything called office on Monday. And great Entertainer was Khushu, who was center of attraction all the time. He is very smart kid and talked with all of us in some alien language and nodded to us as if he understood everything :D

Aah Amazing beauty it was, we felt so close to nature, water everywhere surrounded by rocks and hills with cool breeze blowing and greenry everywhere. We went to see a waterfall too, beautiful one, am putting up one group snap of ours while we were vacating hotel, rest of the snaps can be viewed in flickr, I'll upload them tonight.
Siddharth in lemon T-shirt Garima in Red and Blue (one doing ye ye :D) Vaibhav da with cutie kushu and pooja Bhabhi, Mona in lemon kurta and Minni in pink. Yes you guys know us :D

We had a wonderful view from our room, felt so fresh and relaxed, forgot everything and were just feeling the beauty, As you can see this view we had from our room. Pics taken from the balcony from three different angles. It was so wonderful to feel the morning breeze.
we even went down there to have a closer look. Oh it was fine while going downstairs but when we have to come back it was like never ending stairs with those small pebbles putting obstacles, anyhow managed girtey pardhtey, giving hand to each other, managed to come back :D
yeah here are few pics of ours downstairs, some 100 + stairs I guess ;)
I somehow managed to climb that small rock :D Lovely pic isn't it heeheheheheheheehe and here is Sidds trying to be in vishwanmitra's position but his meneka (Garima is not anywhere :D ).
Coz she is with me hehehehe And yes we also went to see Ettipotala water falls..... Its awesome Felt like we should go and enjoy in that chilled water but alas there was no way to reach there, we had to watch it from such a height that going down was really very difficult. And yes how can we forget our apple of eye Kushu the great his real name being vedant but we love calling him kushu and he responds so well to this name
See he is enjoying crawling here and there :D and making us run after him :) He too enjoyed pool water, see the smile on his face. Was little reluctant to enter pool first but once he got into pool, it was difficult to get kushu out of it :)
In nutshell we had a smashing weekend, which made us so relaxed that today I have no monday blues and am feeling soooooooooooooo fresh :)

Yeah on way back capture this pic ;) It happens only in India :D
Although hazzled as taken from moving car :) enough for today :D

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

GILC 2 Results..............Disappointment

Last Night was a great disappointment to us (Sachin & Me). I never thought of writing a post on any TV serial or soap or any idol shows but this made me write about it. Results were declared and along came the disappointment, and unexpected results. No wonder one who was crowned Laughter king was good but he wasn't the best. He do deserve to come in finals but his performance wasn’t the one which we can say he is laughter king. Results wasn't fair, Rauf Lala was crowned as king of comedy for sole purpose that he was Pakistani and to tie the friendship bonds between two countries, but was this fair enough to do on the sake of deserving ones???????

The one who came second, Rajeev was the one who used to write scripts for Shekar suman’s shows"Simply Shekhar" which was a plus point for him to get promoted and reach this level else, he was a big mimicry of "GILC 1 champ SUNIL PAL" he wasn't the original.

AND the one with original humors and original scripts were sidelined.

YES am talking about KHAYAALI and PRATAP FAUJDAAR. They were simply the best. And in the overall performance, (As I keenly observed each and every episode) they were consistent and made us laugh till we held our stomachs and led our eyes watered. Amazing performers were they, but they were awarded with third crown. This was not fair at all

Doctor's performance was also wonderful, his poems and stanza's were not only humorous but thought provoking too. But I think he had limited audience who can understand the depth of his humor so being a second last wasn't bad for him. The man with Rancho was also good that he reached finals, as he was lively and made his monkey come dummy to perform as real, and made it lively, but as he has got only one theme throughout the series, so he didn't has got any variance, so coming last was also fair for him, The duo performers from Pakistan were good too and made us laugh, but they landed in a controversy by making some comments on SC. Anyways whatever the thing may be, what we have to say here is the one who has been crowned as laughter king was good but not the BEST

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bihari Essay "Indian Cow"

You'll forget your English by the time you finish reading this. This is a true essay written by a Bihari candidate at the UPSC(IAS)Examinations. The candidate has written an essay on the Indian cow:

Indian Cow

HE IS THE COW. "The cow is a successful animal. Also he is 4 footed, And because he is female, he give milks, [ but will do so when he is got child.] He is same like-God, sacred to Hindus and useful to man. But he has got four legs together. Two are forward and two are afterwards. His whole body can be utilised for use. More so the milk. Milk comes from 4 taps attached to his basement. [ horses don't have any such attachment]

What can it do? Various ghee, butter, cream, curd, why and the condensed milk and so forth. Also he is useful to cobbler, watermans and mankind generally. His motion is slow only because he is of lazy species, Also his other motion.. gober] is much useful to trees, plants as well as for making flat cakes[like Pizza] , in hand and drying in the sun.

Cow is the only animal that extricates his feeding after eating. Then afterwards she chew with his teeth whom are situated in the inside of the mouth. He is incessantly in the meadows in the grass. His only attacking and defending organ is the horns, specially so when he is got child. This is done by knowing his head whereby he causes the weapons to be paralleled to the ground of the earth and instantly proceed with great velocity forwards. He has got tails also, situated in the backyard, but not like similar animals. It has hairs on the other end of the other side. This is done to frighten away the flies which alight on his cohesive body hereupon he gives hit with it.

The palms of his feet are soft unto the touch. So the grasses head is not crushed. At night time have poses by looking down on the ground and he shouts . His eyes and nose are like his other relatives. This is the cow.......

We are informed that the candidate passed the exam, and is now an IAS, in bihar in somewhere..[sorry somewhere in Bihar]

And this marks my 75th post today

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Farewell to Aarti....

Yup Aarti, whom I met just 6 months back, when I joined my new job. I was confused among new people out here as having a language difference and then I met her. Same team, same project and then started developing a bond with her. Being North Indian, and a gujrati girl we became good friends. Haven't thought that one can get so attached to a person in such a short span of time. Today she came to office last time as she will be leaving on 28th to mumbai for her marriage. Yes she is getting married on 3rd July, am so happy for her, although am feeling bad that she won't be here to share a cup of coffee with me during tea time :) and then will miss her sweet talks. But still its good that she is going to start her new life. Here I wish her all the success and life full of love, caring, and sweet moments which she will cherish for whole life.

God Bless the couple

Hearitest Congratulation's Aarti

~Preeti and Sachin

Friday, June 16, 2006

Maggi...... Is It.

Maggi.....Is It??

Last night I tried the new maggi product , Maggi, Dal+Atta noodles (Sambhar style)....ugghhh IT TASTED YUCK!!!!!!

I think only southie's will apreciate it's taste but for ppl like me, it was real bad thing to taste, MY first and Last packet of this flavour.

Being an ardent lover of maggi, I just could NOT insult it by throwing, so have to eat it whole as Sachin took only one bite and left for me to enjoy. Poor me :

I have tried maggi and all its flavors, being maggi aatta vegetable noodles my favorite one, Even there used to be one maggi soup noodles, they introduced long time back, I loved that too but then it was dissappeared from the scene, Maggi have been my favorite snack since school days, when mom used to refuse giving me food or something else to munch at odd hours, I loved sneaking in kitchen to cook maggi. I remember me and my sis, cooking maggi at 3 a.m. during exam days, and then hostel life, it's incomplete without Maggi :P

Then I even try lots of R&D with maggi and been successful all the times:P I loved it with dash of garlic tinge and little bit of tomato ketchup in it.
I love maggi in sandwich and yes eating it raw too :P
Loved the maggi spring rolls, and frankies:)

But this New Flavor disappointed me so much :(
Another flavor in my ignore list is Maggi tomato flavor.(Yuck!!!)

Even I always loved maggi adds, all new and innovative and always tempt me to go to kitchen to look for another pack :P

But still am not going to leave eating it :P
Only thing I stick to the basic and my favorite ones :P

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun.
Na main moman vich maseetan, Na main vich kufar dian reetan, Na main pakan vich paleetan.
Na main andar bed kitaban, Na main rehnda phaang sharaban, Na main rehnda mast kharaban.
Na main shadi na ghamnaki, Na main vich paleetan pakeen, Na main aaabi na main khaki.
Na main aatish na main paun, Bulla ki jana main kaun, Bulla ki jana main kaun, Bulla ki jana main kaun, Bulla ki jana main kaun.
Na main arabi na lahori, Na main hindi shehar Nagaori, Na hindu na turk pashauri.
Na main bhet mazhab de paya, Na main aadam hawwa jaya, Na koi apna naam dharaya.
Avval aakhar aap nu jana, Na koi dooja hor pacchana, Mai ton na koi hor syana.
Bulle shah kharha hai kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun, Bulla ki jaana main kaun
Na main moosa na pharoah, Na main jagan na vich saun, Na main aatish na main paun, Na main rahnda vich Nadaun, Na main baitthan na vich bhaun, Bulle shah kharha hai kaun
Bulla ki jaana main kaun...... Oooooo..... Bulla ki jaana main kaun

Friday, June 09, 2006


Yeah it's here..
but no excitement this time....
Know that have to relax, have to complete some pending works....
But the week wasn't good at all...
How I hated this rather say how We hated it.....
Come monday and lets see what has it got for us..

Feeling like .............pata nahin

Wish that you all have a good weekend and wonderful week ahead

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Life these days - Part 2

Hello every body after a loooooong time ,

Long time since I have written here and interacted with you all . But yes , had been keeping track of the blog , Anjan had been religiously keeping the blog live thanks to her for doing my job too..

So how is everybody, Ashish,I heard had a great trip home( ;) ) , Neeti is busy with her job and finding life better , chalo aacha hai ..

As far as I am concerned , last couple of months had been pretty busy but not significant for me .. My job profile has changed considerably .. ofcourse positively .. new avenues seem to be coming up and I am happy that I am able to put up all the hardwork life is demanding ..

So what up with all of u my blog friends ?? Just felt like talking to you all so wrote this ..

here is a piece of prose I wrote during hectic work schedule .. ( PS> I am not negative about life :) and this not replica of my feelings , just a prose i felt like writing).

Contemplating about my existence
And the meaning of my life,
I find no absolute answers.
I repeat contemplating
Over the triviality of my existence,
My existence might be a sheer waste.

I am wandering through the woods,
Not knowing where to go.
Want no more perceptions of my existence.
I seek the truth.
I seek the reality.
But I question how it comes,
When there is no reality.

It is a thing in itself
It just exists
No force exists that can change it.
Humans act foolish trying to perceive it
With a desire to reveal its nature

I hate this materialistic world,
I have nothing to do here.
No freedom.
No choice.
Constant fear
Helpless I am

Life These Days................

Few days back it was pleasant, having a gala time but now again we are back on usual life... same old getting up early, rushing office, back home, life becoming monotonous.... Have so many things pending but still no time, Then have lots of work in office too, This time for a change am busy too :P
Or else it was only Sachin who was busy but am too having tons of work :(

Have so many things pending in the shopping list too ....
House needs a cleaning re-do
Cupboards again in mess... God Why can't these cupboards be fixed for once and all,,,,, always happen the day I'll clean up the messy cupboard, it will be back to normal shape (messy one) in just three days.... And then again clogging it for a month or so.... arggggg

Vacations.... haven't taken them for a long time...
WE need a break,,, but still have to wait, can't go before August as Sachin has to give his MBA exams

Don't know how long will it take to come back to normal, Sometimes I too think of taking up further studies but then again think of will I be able to give it proper time :(
Don't remember when both of us had proper sleep .... Life has become so hectic and we seriously need break


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Think About it........

Haven't come up with any new post these days...
I got this as a forwarded mail so thought of putting up here .....

BEWARE GUYS MAY BE ....................................

For the last 5 yrs admissions were closed for the general category students. School bell rings. I can see a lot of happy children coming out of the gate, I waited for half an hour and my kid came at last after other children.Genaral students are not allowed to cross the gate unless other OBC/SC/ST students have crossed the gates. OBC/SC/ST fathers drive away their children in classy cars. But I have to walk back home with my kid a 5km stretch. I lost my car some years back when Govt. came with a rule that general people have to deposit a tax equal to cost of their cars .Failing which I had to sell the car.As far as buses are concerned, the seats in buses are reserved for OBC/SC/ST .So no place there also. After walking some 5km in scorching heat i finally reached home.
It was wednesday ... s*i*, no electricity.Every mon,wed,thu,sat is power cut in the
houses of General category population .So that SC/ST/OBC can be uplifted by providing them with every opportunity and in that consideration electricity is an
important factor.

Its 10:00 pm in night no electricity at home.Its very hot inside the four walls of home .So i dare to step out in park with my wife and kid.I seated myself with
my family on a secluded bench in garden.It was hardly 5 min .. a guard came to us
strolling in the park.He asked me what caste you belong to. I said with some hesitation .. G..General.He asked me to pay a fine of Rs.200 and get out of the park.
My Fault...
The bench I was sitting on was meant for again the SC/ST/OBC . for their upliftment
peace of mind is on essential things. So govt came with this decision to Reserve
benches for them.Kudos to them...
Its early in the morning ...the newspaper wala just knocked the door.I took the newspaper and started reading ..,its independence day . I never used to forget this days some 20 yrs back. My kid hardly knows wat 15th august is ,because I never told him any stories of greatness of our country or anything realted to country.I don't feel like telling him the failures after freedom.
On front page of newspaper, in a corner their is a news about a OBC member getting 6 months impriosonment in "BAL SUDHAR GRAHA" from a juvenile court for murdering and raping a six year old girl .Yes the rules have been
amended ,since the last 5 years.The Culprit was a 25 year old OBC so age relaxation was provided for trial of crime.So he was taken to juvenile court, since there is an age relaxation for
About 11 am some one gave me the BAD news about demise of one of my neighbour and friend Mr.Mehta. I went to his house for condolence next day ,his body was lying
there still rotting in the heat.I asked his son about the Cremation .His son told me
" Many reserved category have died yesterday so we are not getting entry to creamtion ground " . This rule is the latest from Govt.Where the seats in creamtion ground will be reserved for SC/ST/OBC for their upliftment.

Finally next day Mehta ji was creamted.i could see sun seeting through the Flames burning a libarated Body, liberated from caste n creed.I was surprised sun still sets in the west.?
it was about 9 pm , I was about to sleep in my bed my son came to me with innocence in his eyes , inquisitively he asked me the question what is reservation?
I asked him where u listened that .
he suddenly burst in tears .. I asked him to keep..quiet But Ii could listen through his sobs "mujhe bhi reservation chahiye (i too want reservation)".
How can I convince him its no other toy in the market I can get for him?

He kept cryin that night ,claiming many of "his classmates have got reservation".
To make him quiet i said ok , I'll buy you reservation at your next B'day.

Bye Bye india

Monday, May 22, 2006

Fun Fun and All Fun

Yeah had a goooooooooood weekend :)
With Mom, And sisters around , Had fun filled weekend,
With visit to Lumbini Park, Boating in Hussain Sagar and that wonderful Laser Show, I too happen to attend the show for first time and it was simply amazing :P
Too good a show.
Will keep u guys updated :D with all my blah blah
Aah did I tell u we did lot of photography too :D

Oh Yes I had a fight too with my younger sister :D

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Further Updates.....

My checklist went flop as it was expected :D
Yeah I think we'll get our matteress and pillows by today evening (got no other option) as Mom and sis's reaching tomorow. That leakage I guess will be fixed on Saturday only :( poor me.

Have a small get together at home today, my Friends Aarti mehta and Mitesh Gajjar will be coming today.

What else, both of us are very excited on their visit , as last time my MIL came that was in Feb, then my cousin came in April..... Since then no one visited us (*sob sob*)

Oh Yeah forgot the latest thing...

Sachin got me a new cell phone ..... Yippieeeeeeeeee

LGC2500 can be viewed here


LG C2500

The LG C2500 is aimed at music lovers. This phone comes with MP3 player, MP3 ringtones, FM radio & VGA CMOS camera. A state-of-the-art music device, which would give you stereo surround sound effects and integrated USB memory of 60 MB. This USB memory makes the handset a plug and play device which can be used as a storage device also. Other key features include MMS, JAVA, 4X digital zoom, continuous voice recording, 65K colour display. The C2500 GSM handset is priced at Rs 6,990 and comes loaded with free accessories like data cable, stereophonic headset kit and mini speaker sets.

Monday, May 15, 2006

:) Finally

Finally after such a long wait We saw Rang De basanti (Still couldn't make till cinema hall and watched on our Home theatre ) but still am happy that I saw it.
All I have to say is, it is a GOOD movie :)
I loved the ting ting sound :)
Will come up with some more post may be at the end of day today :)
As it is monday so still not out of Sunday fever :P

Updated Later:
Mom and sisters coming :) Got lots of things in to do list :)
  • Have to clear up cupboards of the other room .........> Done (Me happy, it's completed )
  • Stock up all the grocerry.............> Almost done (We are good in that :P)
  • Have to get matteress and pillow cover's ..........>Hopefully by tomorrow
  • Have to get that stupid leakage fixed........>hopefully by wednesday
  • Have to re-schedule maids timings ...............> aah she is going to give me tough time now (*sob sob*)
  • Have to recharge camera's batteries .............> will do
  • Have to get some leaves sanctioned.......>well as it's not a big one I think that will be done :P

Aah list getting longer and time is less :)
We happy..... waiting Mom

Monday, May 08, 2006

Thordha Sa Romani ho jayein.......

Yeh bheegi si shaam
aao rumani ho jaye....

Kuchh ankahi baatein
pyari mulakaatein
wo ghani julfon si raatein
aao rumani ho jayein....

Na kuch tum kaho .
na kuch hum kahiein
ungliyan baatein karein ungliyon se
aao thoda sa rumani ho jayein...

Aao dil se dil milayen
kuch sune kuch sunayen

bin kahe har baat kah jayein

aao thoda sa rumani ho jayen.....

For you Preeti.......

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sachin's color

You're yellow, the color of joy and energy — two things you definitely bring to everyone around you. It's hard for anyone to be sad or lonely in your presence; your sunny disposition and cheery outlook just won't allow it. The warmth of your personality shines through in the kindness you show friends and family (and strangers, too). Always ready with a lighthearted joke or heartfelt compliment, you know how to make people feel good about themselves, so they can't get enough of you. Yellow is a warm and inviting color for a warm and inviting person — you!


Color Test

Took a color test today.... And it says
Take this test at Tickle

Your true color is Black!

Your color is black. The color of night. Serene and mysterious, black conjures up images of elegant evening gowns, dashing tuxedos, and gleaming limousines. Traditionally a symbol of success, black also represents power and an uncompromising demand for perfection. Not surprisingly, you tend to set challenging goals for yourself and do whatever it takes to achieve them — your strength of character is second to none. This unfaltering determination, along with your natural elegance, impresses people. But keep in mind that your personality might be intimidating to some. Try to temper your demanding side with a little softness — trust us, it won't kill you. Overall, though, black is the color of professionalism and achievement, which means it's clearly the color for you.

What's Your True Color?

Brought to you by Tickle

Monday, May 01, 2006

My Dil Goes ................

Hmm Title has nothing to do with post bas aisay he felt like putting this title :)
Sachin finally started his MBA classes and so far he is regular in attending classes on Saturday and Sunday, Only wait is for course books which he guesses will be available by next saturday, and then he'll be burring his head in them to cover 16 subjects, isn't that too much :P

I too clicked my first sketch drawn after 6 yrs and am posting one of them here and rest I will place all my sketches in flickr. Waisay I have a query shall I create a new blog for those sketches or upload them on flickr. What do u ppl say abt this
Apart from all that I have also asked my mom to bring my sketchbook from Chandigarh while she will reach hyderabad on 19th May,
Am excited :)

Have got lots of plan once they reach here :)

Updated later:

So Now I have a new blog for sketches and have christened it "ANUKRATI"

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Going back to memory lanes again...

Yeah me again remembering my old times. As my mom and my sisters going to visit us in summer vacations I just remembered my summer vacations when I was in school :)
When ever May end used to approach we kids used to start talking abt the vacations, and the spots to visit, what fun , whom are we going to visit, Oh man what fun. And then decisions were taken how to ise the spare time, playing , sketching or involving in some crafts. Some of us even think of joining some summer classes , dance or painting kind of those workshops, I never had joined
And when finally the holidays were declared officially it used to bring other side of the coin too....
Yes you guys guessed it right "HOLIDAY HOMEWORK"
eeekssss I hated it from the core of my heart. There were ppl
among us who used to finish it within first two days of holidays but I was kinda lazy bones who will touch her homework in last two days. Gosh I remember those homework some interesting and some so weird that I used to crib a lot. Why do they make us work this way, it is not fair at all. Out of those one was CURSIVE WRITING exercise. urrgghhh our English teacher used to ask us fill those cursive writing books and dunno why can't she understand holidays were meant to be fun and not to do this boring task. Even I had filled numerous cursive writing books still today am not following it and worst of it sometimes I can't even read what have I scribbled :P
Not to mention sachin's handwriting I guess he never filled any handwriting book :P
And what to mention of those teacher's god they just don't have kids I guess coz they would ask us to finish all the syllabus covered till date so that as soon as holidays will finish, test time will come. Why do they gave us holidays for :(
So we have to finish all the syllabus of hindi, english, maths, and
And then we were still not spared as all these teachers will also give creative homework too.....
They used to ask us collect different leaves from where ever you go for vacations, Now they except us to collect samples and not enjoy beauty :( Not to mention those scrap books which were suppose to be filled up with different kinds of pulses, cloth samples, etc etc. And yes science teacher was crazy, she once asked us to collect various nest, those which are abandoned by the birds. Now what does she think that we will take our magnifying glass, a binocular put on our googles and jacket and go on mission :D funny
I remember one of my classmate, I forgot his name(we were in class five I guess) He got a nest with live bird kids, four of them inside. :P great hustle bustle in class and when our teacher got to know about that she almost screamed and that kid answered innocently you never said birds should not be inside nest :)
Aah I never used to collect any of this. Don't have such patience to look for them :)
All I was happy on vacations is this is the time to visit naaniji (granny) now. Just use to wait to get there. I just loved her aaloo parantha's mint chutney and sarson ka saag with makki ki roti:) And then regular visits to other relatives and all was fun. Then fun part will come to an end and I used to get in depression now. Oh god two days left , no homework, no scrap books , no charts and in panic would complete half of them which I knew were more important as had got strict teachers :P And when school use to re-open by that time would think of excuses which I haven't made last vacations :D
Talking of school re-opening how can I forget re-opening after the annual exam, when all of us were to experience new, new class, new bags, new uniform, new shoes, new books, fresh notebooks neatly covered with brown sheets and plastic covering with those minnie and micky mouse stickers and new pens :)
I used to love to go on first day of new class :P

Chalo bahut ho gaya going back to memory lane am coming out of it, in the present where am no more a kid, no more long summer holidays, :P

~Memories :)

And updates our NEetie got a job :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One more consultant

I am feeling to get a brick form somewhere and bang it on my head ...

See one more conversation ..

Since Anjan lost her phone sometime back so we are sharing the same mobile no ..

Consultant : Can I speak to Mr. Anjan Preet Bhandari
Sachin : Anjan is my wife .. tell me how can I help you.

Consultant: Is it Ms. Anjan Speaking ( now I believe my voice is very heavy and cannot be mistaken as a female voice at all)

Sachin : No I am Sachin Bhandari , her husband speaking if u want to talk to her for a job she is not interested

Consultant : Well are you HIS Brother ?


no more conversation as I banged the phone

now i simply think this is unbelievable , how can someone be so dumb and I did not mention the grammer ..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Consultant

Hi Folks , keeping too busy these days to blog update responsibility was with preeti ..

I got a call some 10 mins ago so felt like sharing with you .. here is the transcript .. please read it carefully and tell us how do u feely

Hello am I talking to sachin bhandari

Consultant : Hi Sachin I am speaking from peak consultants and we have a contract opening for 3 months from a client

Sachin : I am not interested

Consultant : They can offer a very good salary

Sachin how much ?

Consultant : 12000 Per month
Sachin : you call this excellent do u know how much I get

Consultant : this Sal is too good as per industry standards
Sachin : oh I never knew that .. I hardly get 38000 Per month

now the most interesting part....

Consultant : ( without listening to me ) That is what na sir if u are interested then tell me I can get u 500 more even

Sachin : Oh really .. so nice of you .. thanks

Consultant: So send me ur resume by email to ....

Sachin : I will definitely .. thank u soo much

consultant : it's okay sir .. one thing we charge 50% of first sal as well

Sachin you can keep 100%

Consultant : that would be unfair na ..

Sachin : oh okay

Monday, April 17, 2006


well last week was good as both of us started something afresh after a long long gap :)
yes really long gap.....

Sachin has started with his MBA studies after a gap of atleast 4 years (may be more than that not sure)
Hopefully he don't change his mind and do continue it. And Most Important I won't let him do that :P lolz although he has taken a risk to attempt two semester at one shot.
Although I know he is quite capable of doing the same :)

And regarding me.... Guess what I resumed my sketching after 6 years .... A long gap isn't it.
When Sachin has gone to attend his class (first class of the session :P) I took one diary and pencil and made few sketches, three to be precise.

Hopefully I'll publish here to share with you guys :)
Sachin has asked me now not to stop with sketching so I guess next weekend I will be on my shopping spree to get some drawing pencils and paper :)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Happy Happy Happy.....................

Here are few funny calvin's comic strips....................

So it's a good friday today :)
And Baisakhi tooo.........
Oh Yes a weekend also..................
So wish you all a very happy weekend............................................................... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A blank post ...........

Got Nothing to write or share today

Monday, April 10, 2006

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just Got to Know........:)

Just got to know from a friend of mine Shakti that .............

On Wednesday, April 5, 2006
At two minutes and three seconds after 1 :00 A.m. , the time and date will be...

01:02:03 04/05/06

This will never happen again in your life time.

Isn't that amazing :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another golden memories....

Hmm when am remembering all the old days how can I forgot the golden period of each one of our lives... School ....Yeah you are right school days can never be forgotten and each one of us must be having some memory chords attached isn't it :)
Ladies and Gentlemen Here are few of my memories of mySchool days....remember the first time kid is forced to go to school..........
Yeah I remember how kids make different excuses to skip school.... luckily we don't have to do that as my parents were supportive and if my sister's or it's me who don't feel like going to school just have to ask them and they won't say no... :P although I have good memories and I loved going to school and even got highest attendance prize :D Now when I think of that a smile appears :)
Okie do you remember your fist pencil... yeah the first time you were handed a pencil and notebook and you felt as if now you have whole world in your hands...
Do you remeber using pencil every possible place where it is not suppose to be :D and avoiding scribbling over the note pad... putting lines on refridgerator, walls, school benches, even classmate's shirt .... what a fun man, wasn't that.... I remember collecting all sorts of pencils and then one very long one with a funny face or a hand at it's top which could be used for scratching back too apart from writing :P... multitasking you see :) Don't you remeber shrapening your pencil every two minutes and just thinking uski pencil meri pencil say zyada theekhi kaisay :P And then every second day asking mom for new pencil.... and she saying abhi subah hi to dee thee where is that :P.....
And yes checking the point of pencil by pinching it to ur frd..... And laughing that silly antiques :)
And remember writing those silly things on black board when teacher is not around... or drawing faces while she is away....... And laughing at her angry expressions :P
Teacher's have a real difficult time handling kids :)

Remember the craft classes where in you get a freedom to create anything beyond your imagination.. Where in we can color horses to green or make a orstrich out of egg shell... or just smear our hands with glue and smudge our clothes with all sorts of colors and mom looking for surf excel and praying ki ghol mein daag gol :P
Poor mom's :)
And then best part sharing each other's lunch
Although that lunch sneaking was done in the second period only under the table lols... and then makeing ourself free for that lunch time to play in school playground.... Playing Hide and seek, tippy tippy tap, Stapo, cricket with cardboards during exam times :P and many more which I don't remember ....

Sharing our lunch there was so much fun and then bigger fun to eat someone's else tiffin without his knowing :) then offering ours to him....

Exam fever.... being a kid also examination fever grips and then helping other's in studies... Trying level best to come at top position so that mom , dad are happy... and answering them why I scored less in maths and more in hindi.... why my friend scored more than me...

Those golden days will never come back now.... Never

Still have childhood friends, still share all those things .....
A wish to become a kid back again :)

Okie La Weekend is here.....

Wishing you all Happy Weekend :)

Added later:

I realized this is my 51st Post on Blogspot :)