Friday, September 14, 2007

Chocolates Any One???

Went to town center day before yesterday and ended with all this, So was wondering anyone here would like to share with us :) BTW some of them have been already consumed before taking this snap and I know by the time I will post this pic, few others will be gone too :P

Okay here is one more update.... our long lost friend on blogsphere Ashish Gupta got a job
So heartiest congratulations to him
My other post is up to at EasyCookBook

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Life a step further......

So finally am coming back to writing, as you all know we are in UK these days and here life is totally different from India or Singapore. It's been two month we are here but we both are feeling terribly home sick.

It's not that we are out of India or away from our parents first time but somehow we are missing India and Indians terribly.

Although two good things are that weather here is wonderful and yes we both are finding more time for each other, it's not that am not working these days that's why but the reason is here people leave office sharp at 5:30 p.m. and as it's summers going on so days are long and it is still sunny till 8 p.m. and it starts getting dark at 10 p.m. So apart from tiring office day still we have good time together..

The other thing I like about here is houses, they are small and look like doll houses. It gives a great scenic look. The picture here is of a house opposite to ours which I see daily from my drawing room window and the other thing of delight is an apple tree at our backyard which gives a pleasant feeling.

Although haven't tasted a single apple from the garden as it's too high to pluck :)

We think our stay here will be till december 2008 and then we'll be back to our India :)