Monday, August 28, 2006

We Are still Alive.....

:P am happy to see people still remember us and news from our part of world is Sachin has taken 2 bedroom apartment on rent there in Singapore, am still in jaipur, 2morow am leaving from delhi will stay one day there and then will go to jaipur and hopefully on 1 sep or 2 sep I will fly to Singapore
As far as sachin has updated me it is nice place, I will like the apartment although furniture is old fashioned rather unique as he says dressing table looks like as if it belongs to maharani gayatri devi
and he says it is lovely place and is waiting for me to come so that he can show me around, and yes he is missing me a lot
I don't think I need to say that am Missing you sachin

Small update my DP got approved so hopefully am flying on 1st sep

Another update couldn't fly on 1st so now my 8th midnight tickets are confirmed