Thursday, July 06, 2006

ye yo ye yo

Yippiee I have changed our blogs template to welcome My Mother-In-Law (MIL) who is coming today at 6:30 p.m.

Okie fine kidding... :) I know she is never going to access this blog and infact she dowsn't even know the meaning of blog. We were thinking to change the skin of the blog from long time, so today I finally did it. #:-S

Okie it's just to update that my MIL and bro in law coming today, so this is going to be a fun filled month hurrayyyyy
mazza aayegaa

okie one more update I got first prize in pot decoration, got declared today :)

BTW title doesn't mean anything :P


Ricky said...

Aha!! New template but the wordings, "Light in the darkness" are cut-off by Blogger logo. Try removing it.

You are the first wife to get so excited about your MIL coming. Sachin padh raha hain, iseliye likha hain kya...he he

Template is good. I like black ones coz they enhance the pictures and words...

Pratik said...

great template!

women excited by their MILs, not vey common !!

also congrats on the prize,can impress ur MIL with it too !!!

Ashish Gupta said...


yeh suddenly rennovate kar diya ?!?! I closed the page first, thinking galat jagah aa gaya ;-)

looking pretty authentic :)

The Bhandari's said...

@Ricky... No the wordings are only that much only, I mean the template have just a single line "Light in the Darkness"
:) Coz she is more than a mother to me. Sachin ki jo ichha ho karey pardhey chahey na :P He is jealous sometimes when his mom gives me more bhav than him, Thanks for liking the template, but it was real pain as the template was in spanish I guess so, to translate back in english :P Anyhow am too happy with it.

@Pratik... thanks a lot :)

@Ashish.... hehheheeheh even I had a shock today morning first as I forgot that I updated last evening ;) thanks


Mehak said...

nice template Preeti-Sachin

wah wah MIL aae hai..toh kitchen se Preeti teri toh chutti :)

Viewer said...

I hope u enjoy ur MIL's visit and have some saas bahu bonding gal :)

Anonymous said...

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