Thursday, December 21, 2006


Jiska humein tha intezaar who dinn aa gaya, so friends here we take great pleasure to announce our 10 days vacations to India , starting from tomorrow. As you all knew it was Sachin’s b’day yesterday and he got lot of wishes from all of you guys, and he’s a real happy man now :)

This is the pic I wanted to post on his b’day post, which I clicked on 20th morning but has not taken the data transfer cable so couldn’t do that, anyways I can do it now :)So coming back to our India Plans, okie bags are packed (still little bit packing is left, so Must be done todayGot long list of things to carry which includes………
  • A mobile
  • Chinese Fans
  • Lamp
  • Perfumes
  • Watches
  • Synthesizer
  • Chocolates (loads of it) Wish I can keep them all
  • Gold gift items for both our moms

And still the list goes on and on :) ;) So the plan is we’ll land in Apni Delhi and from there Siddharth n Garima (our friends) will be there to receive us, we’ll oad our luggage in their Santro (hopefully it comes in their car or else they will make us sit on the top of Santro :DSo we all four will go to jaipur by road sounds good naThen Sidds n Garima will go to their parents place and we’ll finally have ghar ka maa key haath ka food :)

Have good time in jaipur and then few days in chandigarh so we will be back on 3rd Jan

So guys see you on 3rd Jan

Wishing you all a very wonderful new year

Happy New Year 2007

~Preeti and Sachin

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Love you darling

After all it's Sachin's B'day you see......
Wish I could have put the pic I clicked in morning :)
Love you always

Monday, December 11, 2006


Saturday and Sunday was full of shopping apart from the house cleaning abhiyaan.Saturday Got up late on saturday (naya kya hai :D)So got up at 10 a.m. , had breakfast and slept back at 12 p.m. why???? after all it is weekend isn't it :DGot back at 3:30 p.m. Cleaned home religously till 5 p.m. and were exhausted like anything. Reached Farrer Park at 7:30 p.m. and were joined by few friends for dinner, Searched for vacant tables in nearby restuarants....and were successful by 10:15 p.m.(Weekend Again :P) After having dinner we started our shopping in mustafa, entered mustafa at 11:30 p.m. (sounds funny isn't it) Got out of mustafa at 1:30 p.m. with just one suitcase :D empty ofcourse. We purchased a suitcase to carry our luggage to india, and on billing counter that lady greeted us by saying goodmorning maam, had to see my watch (1:30 a.m. oh yah morning :P)We all had tea outside mustafa and were exhausted like anything so thought of buying other things next day, so came back home watched TV till 4 a.m. and went to sleep at 4 a.m. Sunday:Got up at 10 a.m. again, had breakfast, cleaned home, did laundry and left home with shopping spree at 2 p.m. So went to Simlim Square first, had some electronics items and oh yes Sachin got me a new camera tooThen we went to china town, beautifully decorated street, that street is called lucky chinatown, But the thing is we have to walk a lot to find out things of our interest. One can be easily fascinated with all goodies there and is hard to decide what to buy and what not to buy. Had few of the japanese fans, some watches, merlin symbols, softtoys for kiddos there, some tit bits and then thought of buying things next weekend as it was already 9 p.m. now, So in all it was a fun-filled, but tiring weekend :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Quick update

It's almost 18 days since I have written anything. The schedule is actually getting tighter and tougher to handle.Today looks a little strange as I have no work to do and sitting idle in office , looking around to cheeni- japanis ( as Sachin calls them ) . Then my favorite thing to do, what else then read blogs and write something to connect to you all ..
Ah, weekend is here and TGIF , so excited as 14 days to go . .. and horrified by the state of house which needs monstrous cleaning .. Hopefully this Saturday would be the Salvation Day for my house
Kitchen cabinets need to arranged up, pile of clothes need to be ironed, dusting and mopping.. me getting jitters just thinking about it . So if u guys happen to pass by our house and see panchoo dhobi and shanta bai attire on both of us pls bear with us
14 days to go from today to India.. this would be a short vacation but much desired one .. then we would meet our best pals ..sidds and garima and then parents .. cannot wait ..lah ( as u say it in singaporian)
Sachin's b'day happens to be on 20th dec and mine 3rd jan, but won't be able to celebrate with family as going just 2 days after his and coming back one day before mine.... so singapore we are here to celebrate our b'days..... anyways when we are with family and freinds .. all days would be a party in india

All in all very busy , very excited and all charged up for exciting one month to follow ..