Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Un censored me ..

Bahut dino baad post likh raha hoon .. wo bhi hindi mein ..
and that too uncensored.

Aaj apun ko bhi purane din yaad aagaye .. 5 saal se firangi kampani ke liye kaam (???) karte karte .. desi panti kahin kho gayee thi .. dimag DD1 se Star World ho gaya tha .. Aaj khain se bhoole bisre geet ubhar aaye aur apna dimag wapas flash back mein challa gaya ..

kya dinn the yaar wo .. sunday ki 5:30 picturee ( movie yaar) ... uske pahle wala nirma ka ad ( which did not change for 19 yrs) . 7:30 ki chaupaal .. 8 baje ka chitrahaar ... wah kya din the ..

shaam ko galli ka criket peeche wali gali ko kudiyoon ko impress karne ki faltu ki koshish .. wah wah

khair abhi shaadi ho gayee , career , naukri , package , in sab mein pata nahin originality kahan kho gayee... Barista ki lights mein thaddee kahan rah gayee pata hi nahin chala .. 80 rs ki cofee mein 1.50 ki cutting ka taste nahi hai ..

Shankar ke samose aaj bhi patties or burgers se jyada tasty lagte hai ..

iskeliye apun decide kiya hai . ke apun ka majority post abb desi hi hoga ..

aap sabhi log kya bolte ho .. jaldi se iska reply karo .. fir main sochta hoo..

desi ya firangee..


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tagging Business on hook

Well this is the first time someone has tagged us... kudos to Emotions

Okie as usual Sachin being a busy person and me a vehleee have to take this


Okie before I start this game let me tell you rules of the same:


  1. The tagged victim has to come across with 8 different points for their perfect lover.
  2. Need to mention the Sex of the target.
  3. Tag other 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog telling them that they have been tagged.
  4. If tagged for the second time, there is no need to post again.
Sex of the Target:


Perfect Lover:

What to mention as I have already found one in Sachin

Okie what has made him a perfect lover ....
lots and lots of things yaar...I cannot jot them all.
Anyways will try to cover maximum in 8 points

  1. He is my best friend and is always beside me when ever I need him
  2. He understands my feelings just looking at face and I cannot just hide anything from him.
  3. He knows me more than I know myself
  4. He is always in my reach and we both are compatible to each other
  5. He listens to me patiently..... all my blah blah and needs, desires, fantacy
  6. He faces all the hurdles coming my way and keep me aside of that
  7. I feel secure with him
  8. He takes care of me like am a small baby and tries to fulfill my every single wish
well a list is never ending......
I just don't know about anything but I love him from the core of my heart and we are made for each other...

Love can't be measured.....
It can only be felt..

He means a lot to me......

Okie now the fun part I need to tag 8 different people ...
Let me think whom should I do..

Ofcourse Neetie was first in list but she is already been tagged by someone else so will have to think of other people..

Here are they....(hope they don't kill me ;) )

  1. Aarti
  2. Ricky's Seventeen tomatoes
  3. Satya Prasad
  4. Shakti's log
  5. Mehak
  6. Distant Horizon
  7. Preeti V
  8. Nidhi
I wanted to tag Mitesh but as he is going to Atlanta so thought of sparing him :D

so now what left okie need to put comment's in these ppl and tell them abt the prank hahahaha..

Friday, January 20, 2006

The nostalgia ..

After long time absenteeism I am back . I need to be constantly bugged for doing anything .. Anyways , the nostalgia , as we had been talking about .. this is phenomanal you live your life thru certain ways and then u walk over to next destination . Still sometimes you wish to visit them , relive them . The days of adolecense , childhood and youth .. well 2006 is the year when we all touch 30 , a year for another change . A time to set new destinations and to find new ways .. then soon there would be concluding lines of this poetry called life..

Anyways , thanks a lot everybody for being regualr on our blog ,, today i don't have much to write , but just wanted to write something so created this post ..

Before I go would love you guys to read lines from a song which is very close to my heart .. This song is from Barsaat sung by Bhupinder

Karoge Yaad To Har Baat Yaad Aayegi
Guzarte Waqt Ki Har Mauj Thehar Jayegi

Yeh Chand Beete Zamanon Ka Aaina Hoga
Bhatakti Abra Mein Chehra Koi Bana Hoga
Udaas Raah Koi Dastaan Sunayegi
Karoge Yaad To...

Barasta Bheegta Mausam Dhuan - Dhuan Hoga
Pighalti Shammon Pe Dil Ka Mere Guma Hoga
Hatheliyon Ki Heena Yaad Kuchh Dilayegi
Karoge Yaad To...

Gali Ke Modh Pe Soona Sa Koi Darwaaza
Tarasti Aankhon Se Rasta Kisika Dekhega
Nigaah Door Talak Jaake Laut Aayegi
Karoge Yaad To...

Love and Peace

Those were the days..................

Well I was remembering my college days today, my old friends and then I was chatting today with my long time chat friend Ranjan, whom I know for last 5 yrs. We were remembering our old talks and the topics we used to discuss and then remembered all my college friends and then suddenly it strike to me to put here a collage made by Sachin while he was remebering his old days, all his childhood friends with whom he is still in touch, Siddhartha Mathur, Uttam Mathur, Gaurav Sharma, Manish Chaturvedi, Akhil Bhansali and Ashish Daga. All of them are now located at different locations of this world except Sidds as he is working in Hyderabad only .But still they all have golden memories their heart.
Few days back he got a forwarded mail upon which he along with Sidds, Uttam and Gaurav did some enhancements and pen down their feelings. Sachin collated them into one and prepared this collage.....
In this the last 5 stanza's are the one which were forwarded and these guys took that as base and made their contributions to it.
Well in this you can find sachin in white t-shirt with a huge smile on his face.

Isn't he golu molu :D
Okie the one in orange shirt is Siddarth bhai, one with garland is Ashish daga and one behind him in black shirt is Gaurav sharma...

yes u can see sachin of childhood days also screaming .... giving big howls :D the kid here behind the lines 3 old friends,3 seperate cities.....

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sundar Mundariyey hoyey............

Here come's lohri...Celebrated on 13 th January every year. My favorite festival but I cannot celebrate it as being in south India no one celebrates and then there are very few punjabi people here... it's not cold here so can't feel the lohri's smell in air :(

Me missing chandigarh and it's lohri celebrations
Me missing my mom n dad.... my sisters with whom I used to fight a lot.

I remember the way we used to celebrate lohri there..
All colony ppl used to pool up and used to make one huge bonfire...
We all used to surround it with elders sitting on chairs and kids used to play having fun... with everyone chanting :

Sunder Munderiye ho.
Tera kaoun Vichara..ho
Dulha bhatti wala ... ho
Dulhey ney tee vihayee ... ho
Sear shakar paayee... ho
Kuri de bojey paayee... ho

People taking parikarma (moving around) the bonfire and then after puja distributing the prasad mostly of til, gur, gajak, moongfally, phulley and pop corn.

having fun and then little kids from nearby used to come and ask for lohri sweets by chanting..

lohri do je lohri....
jeevay teri jordhi...

or the same song sundermunderiye ho..

and when they used to get sweets they used to say bye by chanting..

Dabba bhariyaa leeran da...
eh ghar ameeran da...


Baja bai Baja...
Eh ghar Raja...

but if they were denied at someone's house pat comes the reply from those kids..

Hukka bai Hukka...
Eh Ghar Bhukkaa..

What a fun man... Really missing all that.
It was a tradition that compulsory mom will make sarson ka saag and makki ki roti for dinner..

I remember even we used to celebrate lohri in our school and even when in college too...
It was so much fun to celebrate with friends during noon and then wiht family and neighbours ... With the music system playing at it's pitch and all galiwala's dancing till their breathe...

Wish we can celebrate our next lohri with our parents next year..

As am missing lohri I know sachin missing his makkar sakranti very much..
He has told me about his passion for flying kites and how all the family members will gather at terrace and even food was being cooked on terrace. Sachin and his friends would gather and fly kites , play blarring music and have lots of fun.

I wish to see that also....

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Year Resolution

He he he.... me again with some online tests...
Okie I clicked to find out what new year resolution shall I take and I got this :(

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Loose at least seven jobs.

Get your resolution here

Friday, January 06, 2006


So finally TGIF ( thank god it's friday) . The work week is about to end and a weekend to start...
The Birthday Breakfast !!!

Okie as u can see the Cake..... which was already relish by Sachin n Me durin midnight itself :)
And it was yummy .........................:)
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wonderful Day :)

Yesterday was the most memorable day of my life.......
Sachin gave me surprize by waking me up at 12 a.m. with a lovely, yummy choclate cake (being tired I slept early and he so sweet kept himself awake). Cake was just wonderful (will post it's pic to tomorow)... as it was melting in mouth.. THanks sachin.. and then phone calls from both of our parents wishin me was good enough and then the door bell rang up ... lo here was flower man standing with bouquet of roses.... so nice start. And then on reaching office got to know abt Neetie's Post and she made me feel so special that she wrote a post for me. That too at 12 a.m. isn't that cute of her and it was simply amazing so many people wishing me..It was just wonderful and memorable. Thanks NEetie.
Okie then we had a nice food at "Dastar" which I relished the most. Day ended with lots n lots of memories and a huge smile on my face.
Thank you every one...........

Monday, January 02, 2006

A look Back at 2005

So the year 2005 is over. A important year of my rather our life.. Waise to all the time is important but this year had been a very significant. The life has taken a definite turn, lot of dreams realized, lots of milestones achieved and lot of things remained unfinished .

The year was significant because

  • Anjan (Preeti) started her career. Initially there were hiccups but finally now she is having nice time at job and looks she is learning very fast..
  • I took 2 job changes and finally looks as if I am settled for now. Kanbay is a nice company to be in the only concern area is the career growth in next 5 years, still I feel i would like to give it some more time.
  • Financially, it was a year of good earnings and more spending, somehow managed to strike balance.. Cleared lot of old debts and now things seem to be on track .. At the start of year burnt hands in share market and learnt it hard way.. Later invested wisely ( at least I think so ) and now things look fine .
  • Bought the Home Theater ... :)
  • Personally I and Preeti became more mature and have now learnt to be complimentary to each other.. Now we have a better understanding of each others need and wishes and have learnt to appreciate them as well .
  • Parental side things were and are good..

and yes I touched the 30's

Things which remain unaccomplished .... And to accomplish in 2006

  • Yet to channel-ise career goals
  • Create fund to buy a House by Dec 2007
  • Manage finances more professionally
  • Try and reduce 6 kg atleast
  • Start a workout R-E-G-U-L-A-R-L-Y
  • Be regular with this blog
So Good bye 2005
and WELCOME 2006..


Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.

Brooks Atkinson