Thursday, December 07, 2006

Quick update

It's almost 18 days since I have written anything. The schedule is actually getting tighter and tougher to handle.Today looks a little strange as I have no work to do and sitting idle in office , looking around to cheeni- japanis ( as Sachin calls them ) . Then my favorite thing to do, what else then read blogs and write something to connect to you all ..
Ah, weekend is here and TGIF , so excited as 14 days to go . .. and horrified by the state of house which needs monstrous cleaning .. Hopefully this Saturday would be the Salvation Day for my house
Kitchen cabinets need to arranged up, pile of clothes need to be ironed, dusting and mopping.. me getting jitters just thinking about it . So if u guys happen to pass by our house and see panchoo dhobi and shanta bai attire on both of us pls bear with us
14 days to go from today to India.. this would be a short vacation but much desired one .. then we would meet our best pals ..sidds and garima and then parents .. cannot wait ..lah ( as u say it in singaporian)
Sachin's b'day happens to be on 20th dec and mine 3rd jan, but won't be able to celebrate with family as going just 2 days after his and coming back one day before mine.... so singapore we are here to celebrate our b'days..... anyways when we are with family and freinds .. all days would be a party in india

All in all very busy , very excited and all charged up for exciting one month to follow ..


Mehak said...

Gold Mera !!!

Mehak said...

ello Shanti Amma :p....ohh so coming to India for a lil vacation....good good....

Ricky said...

Dekha Shanta Bai, mera guess theek tha na belcul..he he. I am sure it must be exciting after all the hard work you both have been doing, to goto India and just get pampered by your families. Enjoy your time!! Tab tak kaam karo aaram naal [:P]

P.S: Regards to Panchoo Dhobi ;-)

Ricky said...

@ Mehak - Oye, tu Amma pe aa gayee hain sedha Bai se. Tujhe Chennai ke hawa lag gayee hain Mehak Amma [:P]

The Bhandari's said...

@Mehak and Ricky.... ammma keh lo yah bai :( yehi life hai... pancho dhobhi theek thak hai abhi tak bas saturday ko kya hota hai will post abt it on monday :D
yeah aaraaam naal hi karna pardheyga yeh saara kaam, *sob sob *
yup going to india will be definitly be a treat for us, and families are already counting days for it :)

The Bhandari's said...

@Mehak... oh yes gold is urs as usual :)

Ashish Gupta said...


& they are called here as chinki ppl ;)
wats TGIF ?

and panchoo? ;)) Oh I like the name! :">