Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's A Hap Hap Hap Happy Birthday

Yeah a very quick post before I start day of mine here in office this post is dedicated to Neetie
Birthday Girl. Neetie you all must be knowing a sweet bubbly girl, always ready to help others, my first blog friend, whom I got to know 3 years back where in she was the first person to comment on my previous blog which I closed forever now :)
Neetie, girl who always never missed anyone's b'day's and anniversaires, and happen to write post for all of them,
Lets wish all of us a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.
God Bless You Neetie (this is her tag line :P)

~Preeti and Sachin :)


Mehak said...

Birthday Wishes Neets

anks said...

happy b'day neetie...

hey preeti, me here after ages... actually me blog surfing after ages! like ur new template and congrats on the pot decoration... yet to take the taggie!!!!

but first, lemme read the post with lots of pics!

Pinks said...

budday wishes to neetie...

Mehak said...

hey u changed the pic in this post..yeh ice-cream hai ke phool ??

The Bhandari's said...

@Anks.... thks for template :) keep visiting

@mehak... yeah changed it, like this pic very much, it's both :P got this pic in some fwded mail and found it appropriate to be here :)

sthupit girl said...

well i hope i get a happy birthday, when mine comes.

God bless.

karmic_jay said...

Are you folks from Bombay? Hope all is well with you and your families.

Fursat said...

thank u so much for this post..

you have been one of my oldest blog frd...we met when u were looking for job and were in mumbai...i have all your mails saved :)

thanks a ton

and thanks Ekta, Pinky, Anks preeti n sachin...

take care


Ricky said...

Icecream!!!!!!!!! Yummmmmmm!!

Oh!! Happy Birthday Neetieeeeeeeee

You met Neetie three years back...wowsieeeeeee. I thought I was the one who knew her first.

Yea, she has written beautiful posts for everyone including me.

God Bless You Neetieeeeeeeeeeee!!
Enjoy your icecream and atleast give me an empty cone... :P

The Bhandari's said...

@Preetika.... surely dear

@Jay.... thanks for being so concern, yeah we all are safe here, not in mumbai and our relatives too are safe

@Neetie.... you are such a darling

@Ricky...yeah she is my first blog friend, from her blog I came to know you and other wonderful blog friends :)


anjan said...

happy birthday neetie !!!

Fursat said...

@Ricky: ya u might get empty cone.. :P thanks a ton

@anjan: thank u dear :)