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Story So far....... 2

(Those who have not read part 1 can read it here)
Next day she came online and found him waiting for her, and he burst with a question "why are you late?" she said oh was waiting for papa to go to sleep, they continued talking to each other, she asking about his job profile and he about her education and all. And never did they asked each other's age. They got to know that both reside in opposite corners of country. She was relaxed that she won't be asked by him to meet as every other tom, dick n harry did. Any how he never did so.
Second day he told her about his disability and was wondering whether she will continue to be his friend or not.
She liked his honesty and ready to take challenges attitude, she admired his way of struggling with life, she liked his mature and sensible talks never sugar coated or misguiding her. He was always ready to help her in studies. He use to send her poem composed by him, Once he wrote her “

I cannot ease your aching heart,
Nor take your pain away,

But let me stay and take your hand,
And walk with you today!

I'll listen when you need to talk,
I'll wipe away your tears
I'll share your worries when they come;
I'll help you face your fears

I'm here and I will stand by you,
Each hill you have to climb
So take my hand, lets face the world,
Live one day at a time!
You're not alone, for I am still here
I'll go that extra mile

And when your grief is eased,
I'll help you learn to smile!

He kept on sending her poems and she loved reading them a lot but one day he wrote to her

As silent as sky,
With soft clouds rolling by
Who has peeped into my heart?

Darkness is over
May be forever
Like a sunshine
Touching the earth

Filled with joy;
My heart re-joys
The tender feeling of oneness
I melt and cheer
As Sorrow disappear

When you fold me in your arms and caress
Be with me, wherever

O my silent love divine
A dream come true
I rub my eyes to see that you are mine

From his poem she felt as if the other person behind the screen is getting attracted to her and she was able to make out of the talks which were getting passionate now, although she liked him but that doesn’t mean to get into any relationship. She thought of controlling situation at that very moment as she didn’t want to break anyone’s heart at later stage. She did not want to play with anyone’s emotions but neither does she want to loose his friendship which was genuine enough. She very genuinely mailed him what she her thoughts for him. He replied

I was cold and hurting
Lost out in the night
Wandering and searching
For heaven's light
I saw the night sky clearing
When you spread your rainbow wings
But little did I know
What joy you would bring
For that moment
a friendship did start
You wipe away my tears
And sheltered my heart
I blessed the day God
Sent him from above
But then I grow fearful
For I had fallen in love
I told you this feeling
As what did you say?
You said you like our friendship
And that’s how it will stay
I cried for friendship
I thought I lost
But then felt your warm, gentle hand
You then whispered in my ear
That by my side
You’ll forever stand

It continued for one and half year, they became best net pals, every weekend she use to come back from hostel share her college happenings with him, take advice on her subject matters, he use to share his office happenings and would give her every possible help in studies. If she is stuck up with any programming only resort for her was to contact him.

They exchanged their phone numbers but never did they call each other.
One day he disappeared from net totally, every weekend she use to log in to look for him but there was no trace of him. It started effecting her studies also, she was not able to concentrate in her college and looked lost somewhere, little did she realize that she is missing him badly. Every Saturday, Sunday she use to connect to internet every 10 or 15 minutes to find out his traces but he was no where.
She wondered whether he is not ill seriously or might have met with some accident, her thoughts were taking her no where. She thought of making him a phone call but could not take courage to do so. She use to wonder “Don’t know how he will feel or react to her phone call” as they never called each other. She didn’t knew what to do.

One fine day she took it no more and made her heart firm to make a phone call to him. Now there was a dilemma whether to give a call at residence number or office number, She felt it won't be good to call him at home phone so she decided she will call at office first as at home she might not be able to handle her parents asking any questions. May be she might come to know from office whether he is coming to office all these days or may be he is ill.
With sinking feeling, shaking fingers, she dialed number, cut it before it could be connected. Took a long breathe, gained back her courage, said to herself just a matter or few minutes and she will come to know the truth.

She dialed, phone was answered at fourth ring. "Hello" "who’s it" she heard a male voice, she can hear her heart beat growing faster and on knowing that it was no other than "him" on phone she almost scolded him, where was he all these days can't he inform her, leave her a mail or call her. Then she realized who she was to say all this. She felt embarrassed and kept a sudden mum, other person just managed to gave a little laughter and said sorry was very busy in office, some deliveries and all but don't worry will meet you online tomorrow. But he could feel the passion in her voice and she was surprised on her own gesture and feelings, she realized this isn't a normal feeling. She has developed a strange feeling towards him, she wants to be with him most of the time, want to talk to him all day. With all these feeling she went to sleep.

Few more online chats happened between both of them and then one day (after regular chatting of 3 years a question popped up)
He: If we are compatible to each other can we not stay together and spend our rest of the life together?
She: Is this possible?


To be continued.....

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