Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Striking My City and my Heart.

I have lived 26 years of my life in Jaipur, my own city, a city which is known for its communal harmony and positive attitude of people. Jaipur has welcomed one and all with open arms irrespective of caste, creed, religion or any other silly discretion. There is no Raj Thackrey there screaming on top of his voice appease a marathi vote bank and there is no Mayawati there blowing public money to building parks and statues to be used by none. There is no southie /northie war and no hindu muslims fighting on bhumis .

There are just simple people starting their day with Arti at Govind devji's temple and working through out day under scorching heat without complain. There are people assembling at chaupads to discuss the day and cricket. People enjoying ramchandra's kulfi and LMB's Jalebi with equal love

They are people who happily close shops on Dhanteras (the busiest day in year for business) so that muslim brothers can pray Namaz. The famous Gangaur 's possession is led by Gafur kaka's drums. The diwali is lit by crackers made in ramganj (100% Muslim area) and ID is celebrated by sweets from Haldiyon ka Rasta (100% hindu area).

They have striked heart of my Jaipur, and wounded it's soul. Chaupads which is right at heart of Jaipur right from days of Raja Mansingh till Vasundhara Raje . Chaupads have seen it all from Diwali's to Ids will never be same again. People will not just meet strangers with smile and offer Prasad. The pigeons in morning may not be fed and the flower shops may be closed for long while.

The LMB will open with shivering hands. In today's aarti at Chandpole Hanumanji people will ask lot of questions to god and Jaipur will never be same again.

I am very angry very very angry and feel betrayed .. and not because of blasts but I could not find a single line of concern on face of our home minister and the Mr. Jaiswal who started his political career right there at Chaupar.

I offer my deepest condolences to all those who have suffered and those who have lost their near and dear. I wish my Jaipur comes back to normal as fast it can.

Sachin Bhandari

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Merey ghar aayee ek nanhi pari

We are writing this to share
A moment so unique, a feeling so rare

A little cute angle has flown down to earth
From our prayers womb she has taken birth
Who would of thought, to our surprise?
The day we looked in our daughter's eyes,
That we would find our sunshine, our star, our pearl,
All the thoughts in our head, of this little girl.

You came to us early on the twenty eighth of February,
She was supposed to come later, but she was in a little hurry .
We did not realize the moment, 'till the moment she was placed inside of our hands.
And it was at that split moment,

When she opened her eyes,
her true identity was no longer disguised.

As the lights glistened, in her beautiful eyes,
Inside we slowly started to cry.

We were given an angel, from heavens' above, the final test as a man and wife,
A little girl to love and cherish for life.

Anjan Preet and Sachin Bhandari ( Mom and Dad )
Composed by Sachin
All this time I was blogging here, where in I have shared my feelings as my days with pregnancy