Monday, May 15, 2006

:) Finally

Finally after such a long wait We saw Rang De basanti (Still couldn't make till cinema hall and watched on our Home theatre ) but still am happy that I saw it.
All I have to say is, it is a GOOD movie :)
I loved the ting ting sound :)
Will come up with some more post may be at the end of day today :)
As it is monday so still not out of Sunday fever :P

Updated Later:
Mom and sisters coming :) Got lots of things in to do list :)
  • Have to clear up cupboards of the other room .........> Done (Me happy, it's completed )
  • Stock up all the grocerry.............> Almost done (We are good in that :P)
  • Have to get matteress and pillow cover's ..........>Hopefully by tomorrow
  • Have to get that stupid leakage fixed........>hopefully by wednesday
  • Have to re-schedule maids timings ...............> aah she is going to give me tough time now (*sob sob*)
  • Have to recharge camera's batteries .............> will do
  • Have to get some leaves sanctioned.......>well as it's not a big one I think that will be done :P

Aah list getting longer and time is less :)
We happy..... waiting Mom


Rhea Verma said...

Hi Preeti,
Glad u watched the movie.It is my favorite movie of the year.I think it is going to sweep all the awards next year.

Hope u had a lovely weekend:)


Cold Coffee said...

i haven't watched the movie yet..
but will definately take a dekho now that i have your good review :)

Nishu said...

earlier i thought that RDB is nothing but a fantasy but now.. with this stupid act of reservation in picture and people/students response to it.. i'm realizing, i was wrong.

Movie had, indeed, an impact on people's psyche.

Chitman Kaur said...

oh... u should have tried going to theater... but anyways... its a good movie
me tooo waiting for massi... btw if i make list like yours tho hogaya... :p

Mehak said...

chalo finally dheek he le RDB...
ohh wow mom n sis coming..nothing like it preeti..teri toh fultu aish hone vali hai...:)

Navjot Kashyap said...

good that u saw RDB..
I also saw it a few days back only ..
nice to know that your mom is coming ...have a gr8 time

Ashish Gupta said...

have to keep blogging....

have to update flickr....

temme when you are out of work ;)

Viewer said...

my mother too is visiting me fora couple of days I too need to make a checklist of getting my house ready for her .... i am so damn lazy ... :)
BTW u enjoy ur time wit ur mom dear

sthupit girl said...

glad you liked the movie and FINALLY watched it... it's high time... :)

hope you have a good time with your mum and sis.

yours sthupitly.

Silky Moon said...

I have not watch the film yet :(.

So you are going to have a fun and get ready set go... :) Good Good. I hope by today you have all work finished.

Have fun :)

The Bhandari's said...

@Rhea.... Yeah finally have watched it. I think it will definitly make to awards. Thanks rhea for ur lovely wishes

@ColdCoffee....hey do watch it ,if not watched :) Although I didn't liked the end, but still was a good movie

@Nishu....yup true, it had impact. Telling you abt my cousin who's in her first yr have changed the way of greeting with her friends. Now she and her friends greet each other with Jai Hind
instead of Hi and Hello

@chitman.... yup shud have watched in hall :( anyways, mummy coming tomorow , meri list bhe flop ho gayee don't worry, like sisters :D

@mehak.... :) yeah fultu

@navjot....thks :)

@Ashish Gupta...hehehehehehehe

@Viewer...thats good, all the best and have fun

@Preetika.... :)

@Silky moon....Thanks dear :)

Anonymous said...

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