Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hi Junta ,

The news from this part of the world is we are relocating to singapore !!!. I have taken a job offer there and I and Anjan would be moving to Singapore. I am leaving 27th July and Anjan would join me after a month ..

Till then she will have very little or almost no access to internet so our blog will be little dormant till then ..

so folks catch u al from singapore

till then ..


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Quick Update :)

Okie am here just for one quick update and to my horror I come to know blogs are blocked :( This is so bad. I was trying to reach my own blog and couldn't anyhow thanks to Times of India who came up with the way to reach back your own blog.

Okie Coming back o updates, frieds Sachin is finally giving his exams and till date he has successfully given three papers and there are still 5 more to go including the one he has to give today :)

Will come back soon with further updates, btw me going to b'lore for 2 days :)

See you guys very soon...


Friday, July 14, 2006

We will be back soon .... :)

Ahh this is what I hate saying but I have too that we are taking leave from blogdom for few months..........
Hope you guys won't forget us by the time we come back with bang, lots of new things to share, talk and show.....

I have somehow started loving this space so much that my day in office starts with all ur posts and the comments u leave on ours.... It has some how become a routine task to open up my blog then switch over to all you people blogs, see whats new, which one is updated, the one which is not updated, requesting them to update it soon, then other fever orkut and to chat with you guys.

I would be out as both of us would be in a transition state for next month and a half . I would have deffered access to net so won't be able to update it as frequently

Am oops rather we going to miss it a lot.

Hope you guys will miss us also :P

Okie guys won't say bbye, but will say we'll be back soon

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's A Hap Hap Hap Happy Birthday

Yeah a very quick post before I start day of mine here in office this post is dedicated to Neetie
Birthday Girl. Neetie you all must be knowing a sweet bubbly girl, always ready to help others, my first blog friend, whom I got to know 3 years back where in she was the first person to comment on my previous blog which I closed forever now :)
Neetie, girl who always never missed anyone's b'day's and anniversaires, and happen to write post for all of them,
Lets wish all of us a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.
God Bless You Neetie (this is her tag line :P)

~Preeti and Sachin :)

Friday, July 07, 2006


Hi ppl ,
I am writing this post in too much of hurry . Too Occupied in work but just wanted to celebrate achievement of My Preeti . She has won a first prize in Pot decoration in her company , something she did for the first time with not much background in craft . I am proud of you my love . Keep it going .. We will celebrate it soon .. Contgratulations again


Thursday, July 06, 2006

ye yo ye yo

Yippiee I have changed our blogs template to welcome My Mother-In-Law (MIL) who is coming today at 6:30 p.m.

Okie fine kidding... :) I know she is never going to access this blog and infact she dowsn't even know the meaning of blog. We were thinking to change the skin of the blog from long time, so today I finally did it. #:-S

Okie it's just to update that my MIL and bro in law coming today, so this is going to be a fun filled month hurrayyyyy
mazza aayegaa

okie one more update I got first prize in pot decoration, got declared today :)

BTW title doesn't mean anything :P

Monday, July 03, 2006

Fun Filled Weekend

Yup wanted a break since long time and finally the time came of the same.
We went to Nagarajuna Dam this weekend and forgot completly our stressful life. We group of 9 ppl ( one being a 1 yr old kid :P) started at 9.30 a.m. from Hyderabad on Saturday 1st July, It is 180 km from our place and we took two cars. One being ours Santro and other being of Vaibhav dada. Hmm before I tell you about the trip let me tell you about all those who were part of this trip :D
yeah Yeah you know both of us so no need to give our intro ;)
Then their were Siddharth and Garima, I guess I mentioned abt them also in some of my posts, Sidds bhai is best friend of Sachin for last 27 years and then there were Vaibhav dada , garima's brother his wife pooja bhabhi and their cutie son Khushu (Vedant) and bhabhi's sisters Mona and Minni ( Minni do good mimicry of cartoon characters too while talking to Khushu )

So we reached there around 2:30 p.m. and stayed in AP tourisim resort Vijay Vihar, Wonderful place, good rooms but pathetic food, but never mind, on cost of the time, pleasure and fun we can sacrifice that and enjoyed like anything. All of us even forgot that we are employed people with jobs and there is anything called office on Monday. And great Entertainer was Khushu, who was center of attraction all the time. He is very smart kid and talked with all of us in some alien language and nodded to us as if he understood everything :D

Aah Amazing beauty it was, we felt so close to nature, water everywhere surrounded by rocks and hills with cool breeze blowing and greenry everywhere. We went to see a waterfall too, beautiful one, am putting up one group snap of ours while we were vacating hotel, rest of the snaps can be viewed in flickr, I'll upload them tonight.
Siddharth in lemon T-shirt Garima in Red and Blue (one doing ye ye :D) Vaibhav da with cutie kushu and pooja Bhabhi, Mona in lemon kurta and Minni in pink. Yes you guys know us :D

We had a wonderful view from our room, felt so fresh and relaxed, forgot everything and were just feeling the beauty, As you can see this view we had from our room. Pics taken from the balcony from three different angles. It was so wonderful to feel the morning breeze.
we even went down there to have a closer look. Oh it was fine while going downstairs but when we have to come back it was like never ending stairs with those small pebbles putting obstacles, anyhow managed girtey pardhtey, giving hand to each other, managed to come back :D
yeah here are few pics of ours downstairs, some 100 + stairs I guess ;)
I somehow managed to climb that small rock :D Lovely pic isn't it heeheheheheheheehe and here is Sidds trying to be in vishwanmitra's position but his meneka (Garima is not anywhere :D ).
Coz she is with me hehehehe And yes we also went to see Ettipotala water falls..... Its awesome Felt like we should go and enjoy in that chilled water but alas there was no way to reach there, we had to watch it from such a height that going down was really very difficult. And yes how can we forget our apple of eye Kushu the great his real name being vedant but we love calling him kushu and he responds so well to this name
See he is enjoying crawling here and there :D and making us run after him :) He too enjoyed pool water, see the smile on his face. Was little reluctant to enter pool first but once he got into pool, it was difficult to get kushu out of it :)
In nutshell we had a smashing weekend, which made us so relaxed that today I have no monday blues and am feeling soooooooooooooo fresh :)

Yeah on way back capture this pic ;) It happens only in India :D
Although hazzled as taken from moving car :) enough for today :D