Thursday, December 21, 2006


Jiska humein tha intezaar who dinn aa gaya, so friends here we take great pleasure to announce our 10 days vacations to India , starting from tomorrow. As you all knew it was Sachin’s b’day yesterday and he got lot of wishes from all of you guys, and he’s a real happy man now :)

This is the pic I wanted to post on his b’day post, which I clicked on 20th morning but has not taken the data transfer cable so couldn’t do that, anyways I can do it now :)So coming back to our India Plans, okie bags are packed (still little bit packing is left, so Must be done todayGot long list of things to carry which includes………
  • A mobile
  • Chinese Fans
  • Lamp
  • Perfumes
  • Watches
  • Synthesizer
  • Chocolates (loads of it) Wish I can keep them all
  • Gold gift items for both our moms

And still the list goes on and on :) ;) So the plan is we’ll land in Apni Delhi and from there Siddharth n Garima (our friends) will be there to receive us, we’ll oad our luggage in their Santro (hopefully it comes in their car or else they will make us sit on the top of Santro :DSo we all four will go to jaipur by road sounds good naThen Sidds n Garima will go to their parents place and we’ll finally have ghar ka maa key haath ka food :)

Have good time in jaipur and then few days in chandigarh so we will be back on 3rd Jan

So guys see you on 3rd Jan

Wishing you all a very wonderful new year

Happy New Year 2007

~Preeti and Sachin


Mehak said...

Seasons Greetings!!!

Have a Nice Trip...loads of fun..have a blast with your family...

Happy Holiday!!!

Ashish Gupta said...

guess someone is gonna have a blast this time ;;)

and wats special for the new year?

maa ke haath ka khana... *sigh*

Ricky said...

Wow!! Mere liya kya leeya aapne? Main Chinese fan se kaam chal loonga, chalo :P

Have a great trip back home. Enjoy yourself. Sachin's gudda looks cute in

You have a good one :-)

Pratik said...

me too returning home on the 1st, and so i for sure understand the joy u guys must be feeling. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Anonymous said...

to vacations manayi jaa rahi hai :)

good good enjoy urself and have cozy time here..

and mere liye kya liya.hmmm...???


Viewer said...

Hey love the new look of ur blog :) Hope u have fun on vacation both of ya :)

Mehak said...

New Year Wishes..Hope you had a nice lil vacation with your family & friends!!!

Viewer said...

Happy new yr Sachin and Anjan

Ricky said...

Aree bhaiya, vacations khatam ho gayee. Ab kuch naya post karo. I am waiting for some pictures from India :-)

The Bhandari's said...

@Mehak... Thanks dear, wish you a very happy new year, holidays were fun :)

@Ashish.... yup we really had a blast and yes mom's special food too :)

@Ricky.... Aapkey liyey filhaal to kuch nahin hai fan say hi kaam chalao :P thanks for lovely wishes we indeed had great trip

@Pratik.. oh great you too have fun

@Neetie....tere liyey saari good wishes :) Thanks for wishes

@Viewer...thank you so much, wish you and your family a very happy n prosperous new year ahead

@Ricky... haan yaar vacations khatam ho gayey so will have to post something waisay pics from India is great idea :)

Marthyan said...

Happy New Year both of you