Thursday, April 27, 2006

Going back to memory lanes again...

Yeah me again remembering my old times. As my mom and my sisters going to visit us in summer vacations I just remembered my summer vacations when I was in school :)
When ever May end used to approach we kids used to start talking abt the vacations, and the spots to visit, what fun , whom are we going to visit, Oh man what fun. And then decisions were taken how to ise the spare time, playing , sketching or involving in some crafts. Some of us even think of joining some summer classes , dance or painting kind of those workshops, I never had joined
And when finally the holidays were declared officially it used to bring other side of the coin too....
Yes you guys guessed it right "HOLIDAY HOMEWORK"
eeekssss I hated it from the core of my heart. There were ppl
among us who used to finish it within first two days of holidays but I was kinda lazy bones who will touch her homework in last two days. Gosh I remember those homework some interesting and some so weird that I used to crib a lot. Why do they make us work this way, it is not fair at all. Out of those one was CURSIVE WRITING exercise. urrgghhh our English teacher used to ask us fill those cursive writing books and dunno why can't she understand holidays were meant to be fun and not to do this boring task. Even I had filled numerous cursive writing books still today am not following it and worst of it sometimes I can't even read what have I scribbled :P
Not to mention sachin's handwriting I guess he never filled any handwriting book :P
And what to mention of those teacher's god they just don't have kids I guess coz they would ask us to finish all the syllabus covered till date so that as soon as holidays will finish, test time will come. Why do they gave us holidays for :(
So we have to finish all the syllabus of hindi, english, maths, and
And then we were still not spared as all these teachers will also give creative homework too.....
They used to ask us collect different leaves from where ever you go for vacations, Now they except us to collect samples and not enjoy beauty :( Not to mention those scrap books which were suppose to be filled up with different kinds of pulses, cloth samples, etc etc. And yes science teacher was crazy, she once asked us to collect various nest, those which are abandoned by the birds. Now what does she think that we will take our magnifying glass, a binocular put on our googles and jacket and go on mission :D funny
I remember one of my classmate, I forgot his name(we were in class five I guess) He got a nest with live bird kids, four of them inside. :P great hustle bustle in class and when our teacher got to know about that she almost screamed and that kid answered innocently you never said birds should not be inside nest :)
Aah I never used to collect any of this. Don't have such patience to look for them :)
All I was happy on vacations is this is the time to visit naaniji (granny) now. Just use to wait to get there. I just loved her aaloo parantha's mint chutney and sarson ka saag with makki ki roti:) And then regular visits to other relatives and all was fun. Then fun part will come to an end and I used to get in depression now. Oh god two days left , no homework, no scrap books , no charts and in panic would complete half of them which I knew were more important as had got strict teachers :P And when school use to re-open by that time would think of excuses which I haven't made last vacations :D
Talking of school re-opening how can I forget re-opening after the annual exam, when all of us were to experience new, new class, new bags, new uniform, new shoes, new books, fresh notebooks neatly covered with brown sheets and plastic covering with those minnie and micky mouse stickers and new pens :)
I used to love to go on first day of new class :P

Chalo bahut ho gaya going back to memory lane am coming out of it, in the present where am no more a kid, no more long summer holidays, :P

~Memories :)

And updates our NEetie got a job :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One more consultant

I am feeling to get a brick form somewhere and bang it on my head ...

See one more conversation ..

Since Anjan lost her phone sometime back so we are sharing the same mobile no ..

Consultant : Can I speak to Mr. Anjan Preet Bhandari
Sachin : Anjan is my wife .. tell me how can I help you.

Consultant: Is it Ms. Anjan Speaking ( now I believe my voice is very heavy and cannot be mistaken as a female voice at all)

Sachin : No I am Sachin Bhandari , her husband speaking if u want to talk to her for a job she is not interested

Consultant : Well are you HIS Brother ?


no more conversation as I banged the phone

now i simply think this is unbelievable , how can someone be so dumb and I did not mention the grammer ..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Consultant

Hi Folks , keeping too busy these days to blog update responsibility was with preeti ..

I got a call some 10 mins ago so felt like sharing with you .. here is the transcript .. please read it carefully and tell us how do u feely

Hello am I talking to sachin bhandari

Consultant : Hi Sachin I am speaking from peak consultants and we have a contract opening for 3 months from a client

Sachin : I am not interested

Consultant : They can offer a very good salary

Sachin how much ?

Consultant : 12000 Per month
Sachin : you call this excellent do u know how much I get

Consultant : this Sal is too good as per industry standards
Sachin : oh I never knew that .. I hardly get 38000 Per month

now the most interesting part....

Consultant : ( without listening to me ) That is what na sir if u are interested then tell me I can get u 500 more even

Sachin : Oh really .. so nice of you .. thanks

Consultant: So send me ur resume by email to ....

Sachin : I will definitely .. thank u soo much

consultant : it's okay sir .. one thing we charge 50% of first sal as well

Sachin you can keep 100%

Consultant : that would be unfair na ..

Sachin : oh okay

Monday, April 17, 2006


well last week was good as both of us started something afresh after a long long gap :)
yes really long gap.....

Sachin has started with his MBA studies after a gap of atleast 4 years (may be more than that not sure)
Hopefully he don't change his mind and do continue it. And Most Important I won't let him do that :P lolz although he has taken a risk to attempt two semester at one shot.
Although I know he is quite capable of doing the same :)

And regarding me.... Guess what I resumed my sketching after 6 years .... A long gap isn't it.
When Sachin has gone to attend his class (first class of the session :P) I took one diary and pencil and made few sketches, three to be precise.

Hopefully I'll publish here to share with you guys :)
Sachin has asked me now not to stop with sketching so I guess next weekend I will be on my shopping spree to get some drawing pencils and paper :)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Happy Happy Happy.....................

Here are few funny calvin's comic strips....................

So it's a good friday today :)
And Baisakhi tooo.........
Oh Yes a weekend also..................
So wish you all a very happy weekend............................................................... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A blank post ...........

Got Nothing to write or share today

Monday, April 10, 2006

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just Got to Know........:)

Just got to know from a friend of mine Shakti that .............

On Wednesday, April 5, 2006
At two minutes and three seconds after 1 :00 A.m. , the time and date will be...

01:02:03 04/05/06

This will never happen again in your life time.

Isn't that amazing :)