Friday, June 16, 2006

Maggi...... Is It.

Maggi.....Is It??

Last night I tried the new maggi product , Maggi, Dal+Atta noodles (Sambhar style)....ugghhh IT TASTED YUCK!!!!!!

I think only southie's will apreciate it's taste but for ppl like me, it was real bad thing to taste, MY first and Last packet of this flavour.

Being an ardent lover of maggi, I just could NOT insult it by throwing, so have to eat it whole as Sachin took only one bite and left for me to enjoy. Poor me :

I have tried maggi and all its flavors, being maggi aatta vegetable noodles my favorite one, Even there used to be one maggi soup noodles, they introduced long time back, I loved that too but then it was dissappeared from the scene, Maggi have been my favorite snack since school days, when mom used to refuse giving me food or something else to munch at odd hours, I loved sneaking in kitchen to cook maggi. I remember me and my sis, cooking maggi at 3 a.m. during exam days, and then hostel life, it's incomplete without Maggi :P

Then I even try lots of R&D with maggi and been successful all the times:P I loved it with dash of garlic tinge and little bit of tomato ketchup in it.
I love maggi in sandwich and yes eating it raw too :P
Loved the maggi spring rolls, and frankies:)

But this New Flavor disappointed me so much :(
Another flavor in my ignore list is Maggi tomato flavor.(Yuck!!!)

Even I always loved maggi adds, all new and innovative and always tempt me to go to kitchen to look for another pack :P

But still am not going to leave eating it :P
Only thing I stick to the basic and my favorite ones :P


Sachin said...

ting ting Tiding .. maggi DAL sucks hehehehe... PReeti was planning to buy 4 packs of it in our last shopping spree..

so enjoy !!!


Ashish Gupta said...


poor you :-s
itni R&D kaise jhelte ho? ;))

anks said...

i just saw the ad yesterday and you've not only tried it, but also blogged abiut it today!

Cold Coffee said...

hey.. i'm a maggi lover too!
but i just love maggi masala..
can't tolerate anything else.. :)
i think its the masala which is just out of the world.. its heavenly.. used to have it all raw..

Pinks said...

me too loves maggie..but only the basic one...i am already hungry...maggi chaiye mujhe abhi...

Vaibhav said...

i loooooooooooooooooooveeee MAGGIeeeeeeeee
Mggie masala...all time fav.
Liked maggie meat masala more(although am a veggie) but they discontinued it

Vaibhav said...

btw I also love having my own maggie at 3 am;)

Ricky said...

I still haven't tried all of the maggi flavours except for regular maggi and chicken maggi. It's been months since I set foot in a desi-store and so don't know about new flavours. Although, someone else too told me the other day about "Atta vegetable" ones. I will have to try it soon.

Yea, maggi has been my constant since school days and then hostel days. Mom used to rarely give me Maggi for lunch saying that it is maida and not healthy but still I used to love it whenever she would.

I have tried so many maggi-style chinese noodles here and they are so bland and yuck. No one can beat Maggi!!

Viewer said...

Hmmm... Maggi tht was one thing we gals used literally survive on when we were in hostel.. . sastha and better than the canteen food and easy to make ... but after moving in to live in a house i kinda am over with my maggi days ..... but yeah i too have tried many variation of maggi my all time fav is tadka with tomatoes/ sause (kinda make it a tomato chutney ) and then add maggie to it>

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