Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A new post .. .

Precisely before you wonder this title ,I would tell you that since I could not think of anything else and did not have patience of thinking , I just kept this ..

There had been a long time since I have written something to blog , and Anjan too other then posting some forwards and things here and there had not done much . Reason is we both are pretty bored of the way life is progressing ..

There is nothing much happening in life front . No excitement, no expectations nothing doing .. I have been promising her to take her out for a movie and it has been 3 months hence . Just promises not kept ...

The routine is boring ..office work , home food and sleep .. got to do something out of it ... but donno what ..

My confirmation review is round the corner .. donno what will happen .. need wishes of all of you friends who are reading this .. will update u once it done .. Althought it will not make any difference to job still just a mental blockade ..

So the only thing is i will try and be more frequent to this post .. Also pour in suggestions to make things interesting ... :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Paraphrasing the words of ROBERT VALLET

I believe I am a unique and precious human being,
my own best friend :)
and my own worst enemy :(
a loveable and loving person,
capable of realizing my potential,
self respecting,
responsible for my own behavior,
learning from my mistakes,
creating a joyful life,
Making a difference in my own way,
Creating a beautiful world by little wishes,
a small and important part of the Universe.

I found these lines and thought of sharing with you guys
~Sachin Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Tag....

  • Pet Peeves
    Okie here comes another tag from Manish this time and I need to write down 20 points I hate abt ppl. Okie I think it's not going to be so difficult as I think. Well this time the post is from Sachin and few points added by me too. Am compiling the points here :)

    20 Points

  • People wearing green pants or other wierd combinations
  • Girls with too much of makeup and espiecially the dark red lipstick
  • People with oil smearing hair rather oil dripping and that too in lifts when it becomes choking to stand by them coz of the smell
  • People who ask simple things 5 times
  • People who break traffic manners and thinks road is their personal property
  • People who keep on honking horn without any need and don't care even if they are passing by hospital or schools
  • People who dial wrong number twice or more
  • People who forward the mails containing lines "forward this message to 10 ppl or else something bad is expected"
  • People who forward 10 year old jokes
  • People who make hell lot of noice in hotel lobby
  • People who make lot of noice while eating "chomp chomp chomp"
  • People who make their fingers dirty while eating
  • People who break queues
  • People who stare at our computer screen while talking to us and try to read our chat
  • People who don't say anything to their kids while they creating havoc or breaking expensive things at the host place
  • People who praise themselves
  • People who keep on talking in movie theatres and telling the other person what's gonna come next
  • People who keep on praising their child and don't listen to the deeds of other's child and start comparison
  • People who pressurize to eat or drink in party when a person is actually not willing to have it.
  • People who talk loud on phone and that too in office and don't lower their ring tones either

okie that was all.. List can still go but we should stop here. Okie now it's time to tag other's hmmokie here I go
  • Mehak
  • Emotions (revenge :D)
  • Preeti
  • Neetie (come back now)
  • Nidhi (some more addition to ur chatterbox)
  • Ricky (I know u are already tagged but no probs) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nothing New

Got nothing to write, no topic to talk on..... me waiting for sachin to finish up his work and pick me up from office... listening to this song right now in office....
Boley churiyaan boley kangnaa...
hayey mein ho gayee teri sajnaa...
On City 101.6 FM Dubai

Feeling damn hungry and dunno what am suppose to cook today :)

Sachin come soon.
am waiting yaar ...
now am completly bugged up....
Okie another song started ...

I can love u more than anyone else I mean it..
Yankee kai saanu tere naal pyaar ho gaya...
Saada dill bekraar ho gaya...

~Preeti Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hey We are back

Yeah we are back to blog blog blog :D Okie my training got over and sachin is back from Mahabaleshwar. So have lots of work to do now and even have to complete the tag by Manish hmm chalo catch u guys later with some new post okla

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Off to Mahabaleshwar

What a tragedy !! Going to mahabaleshwar without biwi wo bhi Shaadi ke sirf 1.5 saal baad. I have a offitial meeting there .. I will miss preeti ( you all know her by the name of Anjan) soo much there.

Three days of gruelling raining and these ppl expect us to get up at 6:30 in morning huh .. that too after night long of dance , masti and... beer offcource ..

let's ee how it turns out .. i and anjan are planning since long to go out but it is only in plannign state ..
here is a pic of the place i am going to .

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Forced Break...........:(

So another training session is here which is forcing me to take break..... AS I'll be busy in the training for next 2 weeks so won't be able to post anything although I'll be visiting your blogs. And also I hope to get few posts from sachin too while am away from blogging :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Ranjan

It's Ranjan's Birthday and I forgot :( but no worries he is so sweet he asked me to wish him on time before the clock strucks 12 and a new day starts. Isn't he cute......

okie still 20 mins to go and I hope I'll be able to publish this post before that.

These days he is in New Jersy away from his wife Preeti Ghate and cute daughter Anushree.... And I know he is missing them sooooooooooo much.

Ranjan is the one with whom I used to chat a lot and used to fight with him.. I used to bugg him up and he also used to pull my leg a lot which he still do....

Okie the yummy looking cake is sent by him only :)

Ranjan our best wishes are always with you


Hi Ranjan !
I have never met u or talked to you , but have heard a lot about u from anjan .. ( sometimes get jealous)

I along with Anjan wish you a very happy birthday ,, direct dil se and sincerely wish that next year u celebrate it with your family .
Wish you loads of happiness , health and ofcourse wealth ..


~Preeti and Sachin