Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Life these days - Part 2

Hello every body after a loooooong time ,

Long time since I have written here and interacted with you all . But yes , had been keeping track of the blog , Anjan had been religiously keeping the blog live thanks to her for doing my job too..

So how is everybody, Ashish,I heard had a great trip home( ;) ) , Neeti is busy with her job and finding life better , chalo aacha hai ..

As far as I am concerned , last couple of months had been pretty busy but not significant for me .. My job profile has changed considerably .. ofcourse positively .. new avenues seem to be coming up and I am happy that I am able to put up all the hardwork life is demanding ..

So what up with all of u my blog friends ?? Just felt like talking to you all so wrote this ..

here is a piece of prose I wrote during hectic work schedule .. ( PS> I am not negative about life :) and this not replica of my feelings , just a prose i felt like writing).

Contemplating about my existence
And the meaning of my life,
I find no absolute answers.
I repeat contemplating
Over the triviality of my existence,
My existence might be a sheer waste.

I am wandering through the woods,
Not knowing where to go.
Want no more perceptions of my existence.
I seek the truth.
I seek the reality.
But I question how it comes,
When there is no reality.

It is a thing in itself
It just exists
No force exists that can change it.
Humans act foolish trying to perceive it
With a desire to reveal its nature

I hate this materialistic world,
I have nothing to do here.
No freedom.
No choice.
Constant fear
Helpless I am


Mehak said...

ohh wah wah...2 posts in a day...!!!

Good to hear about you happy and getting good results after the hard work you are putting in !! :)

I like this para
"I hate this materialistic world,
I have nothing to do here.
No freedom.
No choice.
Constant fear
Helpless I am"

But then no escape ...

Ricky said...

Aree wah, aap toh poet bann gayee. This is a first that a person becomes a poet because he got busy...LOL. Badiya hain. Nice to see you back. Take care!!

o anonymous reader said...

interesting thoughts in ur poem... i liked it!

Ashish Gupta said...

phew :-"

Fursat said...

hey sachin n preeti..

aah its been long time when i talked to preeti..

and tht day i called u up..do let me know her no when she get it..

yeah me busy in job..happy with it..

how r u preeti? mail likh diya kar kabhi kabhi..

Fursat said...

and ya nice lines..
so true..helpless i am

Ashish Gupta said...

"jo meri biwi bina R&D kiye bana de .."

Preetiji do you experiment so badly in kitchen?