Friday, October 26, 2007

Story so far... 4 (final and concluding part)

hey guys apologies for a long delay, things have been moving pretty much and life has been quite happening . In this hustle and bustel somehow we lost the track of the story .. but here am back with final and concluding part of story ... thanks for your patience and hope the end is worth the wait

I know it's long time and may be this story has been wiped from your minds so if you want to have a look at previous parts u can click following links:
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Little bit Recap:

So finally after so many if’s and but’s, no's and yes they were meeting .. They decided to meet on 23th October .

aage badate hue..........
sochta hun....sach likhun
ya adab ki bat likhun.

bhige se hai jajbat
ya koi garam bat likhun.

tere pas se gujra hun......
isliye salam likhun.

sham dale
mai kaise subah ki baat likhun.

sabne banaye hai apne khuda..
mai tujhe hi apna namaz likhoon.

Story Continues....

They decided to meet on 23rd Oct.

He's coming for the first time, She not sure whether she is taking right step or not. She is definitly a mixed bag of feelings, don't know whether more happy or tense. Her feelings are overlapping and she is in dilema what to say to her mom, how to go out and meet Him , First time in her life she told a lie to her mom that she got assignments to complete so going to state library.

They decided to meet in University as she thought that is the safest place to meet. But destiny has thought something else only..

University elections were going on so entry was allowed to students with id cards, she went inside and then waited on the decided spot, but everywhere campaiging was going on, she felt definitly He cannot enter as he won't be having id card, so she went out of gate to escort him, here she went out, there he persuaded security and got entry inside university and went to decided spot.

Now he is worried whether She will be able to make it or not. He was sure she will definitly come, was wondering what would he say to her. Seems was running short of words.

He was thinking at that time...

Jiss raah par aaogee tum,

Uss raah pe nazar hai,

Jab millengay hum tum,

uss pal ka intezaar hai,

kah na sakeingay shayad hum kuch

dil ka aalam kuch aisa hi hai

laakh chhupaoun par tumhein bhi patta hai

ki humein bas tumhi say pyaar hai

It was more than an hour he was waiting for her but there was no sign of her. She was outside searching him, then thought of going back inside to check the place but this time security didn't allowed her to go inside. She insisted a lot but was of no use as she was not a regular student of university.

She was on verge of tears, what to do now. Both of them didn't have mobiles as couldn't afford mobiles. She thought only option left is now she should go back home and wait for his call. She was sure he will definitly call.

Back at home told mom that she came back for lunch and will go back again to complete work.Phone rang, it was Him, she explained and they decided again to meet. This time on lake. She quickly finished her lunch and rushed to meet him.

There they were standing infront of each other, silent yet saying lot many things

She in maroon suit and beige churidaar, duppata set loose with her hair tied in a plait at back and he was in white kurta and churidaar. They greeted each other with smile trying to hide nervousness. Both sat on stairs of lake and were wondering what to say

Both going through same thoughts

Banna kar tumharey dil ko basera,

tumharey dill mein rehna chahta hun....

Aaj tumsay dil ki har woh baat,

mein bas aaj kehna chahta hun....

Ek nadi ke behnay ki aawaaz ho tum,

chahun kho jaoun mein gumsum...

jazbaaton ki iss duniya mein

madhosh sa behna chahta hun...

Aaj tumsay dil ki har wo bat mein...

Finally He took courage and said What Next...

She said Nothing lets get married..

Both smiled and then talked about their families, how are they going to put things in front of their parents, how should they introduce each other to them, what should be there back up plan incase they get resentment which both knew they definitly are going to get. What could be the possibl questions from their families and what should they reply. They talked to each other as if they know each other for ages and have met regularly, didn't felt that this is their first meeting.

Then suddenly he asked Can I hold your hand

prompt was her reaction as she placed her hand against him. The look he got in his eyes was worth watching.

Sun was setting down and both were into deep thoughts....

I want to watch the sunset,

I want to see it in your face,

I want to feel it with you....

I want to hear the waves,

Crash angry on the shore,

I want to feel your hands with me

While all around us the water pour...

I want to feel the sand between my fingers,

smell the salt in air

I want to feel your arms around me

Secret places if you dare...

I want to feel the heart

of restless summer night

I want to kiss you softly

Beneath the pale moonlight..

I want to meet the stars

That lie hidden in the depth

Baby will you with me

Do watch the sunset?

Suddenly she realized it's getting darker, she need to be at home. Kissed him goodbye and rushed to home. Was tense now what if mom do cross questioning but she was lucky indeed mother didn't notice.

Went to sleep with so many dreams in her eyes. He went back to his city in bus and all the time kept awake reliving all the moments again and again.

Daily phone calls and sweet talks and talking about how to proceed further... and then Her mom doubted, she asked her once about the phone calls she is recieving daily. As she was not good at lying, she said she was talking to one whom she wish to marry one day.

Her mom was shocked to listen to this and got angry on her. How can you, what are you saying, Do you know what does this mean..

She said yeah I know him very well and I know he is the one for me. Don't be angry on me I'll just ask him to talk to you guys. She dialed his number



"Hey it's you, wow"

"Call my parents if you can, now"

"They know"

"yes they do"

"fine disconnect, am calling right away"

He called them, talked to them, they were angry he listened to them patiently, somehow told them don't be afraid am not a bad guy, will take care of your daugther in every possible way. He assured that we will not run away and will not do anything which will hurt you. She means a lot to me. At last he managed to convince them to meet him.

Now as her parents know everything, it became necessary to spill out to his parents too.

The moment he told them, they went silent, cold war started between him and his parents. No one agreed to accept a girl out of community from different religion and culture. No one was talking on the same and it kept lingering.

Finally elders sat for discussions and then all at one side and he on one side ready to give answers to every query of them.

The war went on .. counters and answers logics and arguments .. this went on and on .. no one ready to give up . Finally with the power of love he was able to manage and convince them that she is right person for him and she will not let their family down.

Things at her end wore even worse. Parents were not ready to accept him due to various reasons .. cultural and social differnces.. she was pressurized in all possible ways.. but she stood rock solid backed with their love..

Day was decided when Her parents will meet His parents, After meet Her parents were still not agreed, but as she was adamant either him or no one, one day they too have to accept him and his family

Finally after one and half year of tough persuation, constant emotional blackmailing, peer pressure, both were able to win hearts on each side and parents agreed to tie their knot.

Life wasn't easy for her after marriage as she have to face drastic changes now, total culture difference, but she knew she will have constant support of him and he will be there for her all the time.

She walked a lot to reach their hearts and they welcomed her with open arms and she seamlessly became the most loved bahu ..

Families came closer and they realized that the kids were grown up and were right.

Life started from them... From Him and Her they became We.

Life moved on .. and they are living delighted to be in company of each other.

One day they decided to write the story on their blog.. so you are reading this ..

So thanks from her ( me ) and him (Sachin) who met on rediffbol

Note : All the poetries mentioned above were written for me in his numerous emails :)

Here is what I have got to say to Sachin My Love

You and Me.....
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Ricky said...

I knew from the beginning that this was your love story but it was great to read everything. There were few surprises, like the romantic poetry of Sachin and how you both decided to get married in the first meet.

The college scene looked to come straight from movies, kya filmi twist tha re baap :D

This is a beautiful love story and thank you so much for sharing it with us. May God Bless both of you and your love...

Moonie said...

so sweet! Touch wood! :-) :D

hope said...


i had some clue that its gonna be yours story.. what a love and what a luck... *claps*
Simply amazing and beautiful.. i love happy endings *smiles*

and yes! beautiful poems from sachin.. very nice..
May God bless both of you with loads of love n luck.. *smiles*

ektaran said...

Same here....mujhe part 1 se he shakk ho raha hai ki yeh tum dono ki love story hai!!!!

God Bless!

Ricky said...

I likey like the new template :D

The Bhandari's said...

:) yup even we too still think it as a fairy tale which never happd to us, but it is true, we didn't decided to get married in first meet coz we already decided before meeting each other, it was just formality to say on fist meet

@Moonie.. thanks :)

@Hope.. thanks, :)

@Ektaran... oj ji aap to sab jaanti hain :) when are u going to share yours thanks

@Ricky.. yeah this time I can say I too liked the template :D


Ricky said...


the_new_cloud said...

Oh wow...
It was so beautifully compiled :)
Shall make my better half read this for sure... :)

Reema said...

arreyy waah! veryy very adorable story!! :)
i pray u guys live happily ever.. cuz the story was no less than a fairytale itself!!

The Bhandari's said...

@Ricky... :) :) :) :)
@Manish.... thx, when are you introducing her to us officially :)
@Reema-- thanks :)

Ricky said...

Ab kuch naya ho jayein :D

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet! true love does exists...***sigh***
I sometimes even wonder what is love? :)
I hope God blesses you both.
Stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Project 71. Weird name I know, but my masters are weird too. My masters apologize for such an out-of-context comment and they know how painful such spamlike comments are. But, say masters, how else are we to present something good to the world. By that they mean me :D. Kindly see what I am about. Won't take you more than 22s to read... Enjoyy!

anks said...

i so so knew this was ur story.... guess i commented on the first part to this effect!

the way u have written it is very cute and the smilebox just takes the cake!

God bless both of u.... :)

Priya said...

Hey Anjan .... tht is such a sweet love story ... i expected it would be urs .... however ... it was very interesting till the end .... Hv a gr8 life ...