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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A story so far....

It was her daily routine to browse net during night, whenever her dad went off to sleep she’ll connect net and get back to her routine. She has taken her mother in confidence and promised her to surf net every night just for one hour and not more than that as her dad was strictly against it. She had tried everything from chat room to movies website, from googling to e-greetings site. She had made few good friends also on net and then limited her chatting with those friends only. Now she don’t bother to go to chat rooms to chat with invisible people, she was bugged up with the first question asked by every Tom, Dick and Harry “Hi there, ASL please”
Now she always turn down any unknown friend request and then too her studies seriously. As it was high time now. Being eldest of three sisters and no brother expectations of her parents were high from her. They were proud of her as she always managed to grab good position in her class. She was considered the most sober, soft spoken and intelligent girl in her school and college. She had a dream to be at some top notch position one day, she wanted to do some professional course but her dad can afford only basic graduation and post graduation, He cannot spend more on professional coaching and all. She was compelled to give B-ed entrance, she gave it half heartedly, her bad luck she cleared it. On the day of counseling she pleaded her dad that she want to do some professional course and not B-ed. Her dad was adamant as he cannot afford fees for the professional course. On her name being called she started crying and rushed back home.
She got scolding from her dad, her mom tried to convince her dad to let her go for professional course. That year government had introduced Voluntary Retirement scheme for bank employees, her dad grabbed the opportunity and took VRS. He said now you can go for your professional course. She was the most happiest person on earth. So took admission and went to stay in hostel. Although she was missing her family a lot but still she was happy that she is going to achieve what she dreamt off.
During weekends she use to come back home and then use to follow her old routine, browsing during night. Talking with her virtual friends who had become her best pals, with whom she use to share her happiness and sorrows.
One fine day a new messenger was launched. Just for the heck of trying she downloaded, now she wanted to test it also, so was looking in the list to find out a suitable person with whom she can talk. But suddenly a message popped from him. “Hi there”. As she was also looking for someone to talk and test messenger she responded. Although the moment she logged on to new messenger she started getting so many hello messages from unknown people, but she had already responded to Him, so she kept on declining others invitation.
The other person on the end sounded so informal that she liked talking to him. He never asked "ASL please"They talked for an hour and still none of them asked each other’s age or location. She was wondering if that person is quite old in age or may be very younger than her. But never mind she liked talking to him. In between he got some mail, he had applied for some job and he got that job. He asked her to hold on as he wanted to share this news first with his parents, but asked her not to leave. She waited and he came back after 10 mins. He sounded so excited. He said he got a job as General Manager in some company. She gave her best wishes but then wondered she is in her first year of her course and the other person whom she is talking to is GM now, will it be good to talk to him. Anyways they bid goodbye and went back to sleep.

..................................... To be continued...............................


Mehak said...

to be contd...aargh...can't wait to read more...jaldi se post kar

Ricky said...

Wow!! A Story!! Yippieeeeeeeeeee!!

Phir kya hua? Internet love story...wah wah. e-love shove :D

I will wait for the next part. It looks interesting :D

The Bhandari's said...

@Mehak.... yup will post the part 2 soon :) keep waiting :P

@Ricky...Phir kya hua jaanney key liyey dekhey bhaag 2 *ting tong* :D yup a e-love story, waisay he thought of writing something and then this thought came into mind why not give a try to write a story...dunno how will it go...lets see :)

faith said...


thanks for dropping by..

Ricky said...

Intezar ho raha hain aapki kahani ka. Jab bhi samay mile chaap kar deejeyega :-)

The Bhandari's said...

@Ricky.... yeah will publish soon the other half of story and it will mark my 100th post as the post above is 99th. So I think my 100th post is going to be special for me and sachin, so better do little more intezaar