Friday, March 02, 2007

Story so far ... 3

Few more online chats happened between both of them and then one day (after regular chatting of 3 years a question popped up)
He: If we are compatible to each other can we not stay together and spend our rest of the life together?
She: Is this possible?

And He said “ yes”.

He could not believe himself , He said “Yes”. With all the No’s He had been hearing in his life ..there was finally a “yes”, fortunately it came when it mattered the most . He had been struggling all his life to prove that He is no less and then today like a miracle He has her .. He has his dream girl .. Someone He had been dreaming , wanting, thinking for years .

In all the years He had this secret desire for someone He could love , care for , depend on , look to and what not and then this girl with whom He has never met never seen has become suddenly so important in his life that they have almost decided to stay together for life . He was in seventh heaven too happy.. He felt like going to highest place He knows scream on the top of his voice …. I love you …

Then , before He could commit more and ask for commitments .. He said “let us meet first before we could take it further.. He was skeptical about himself, He wanted her to see him, his physical appearance then decide. They discontinued the discussion with promise to meet soon.

He has just resumed work after 6 months of leave as he was recovering from major accident, getting leave was very difficult. The days were brighter and nights were exciting, they were talking and chatting regularly on everything and anything. Describing more about themselves and families try to give other person more and more information which could prepare the other one for the life coming on.

Gulzar sahib ne kahin likha hai

rubaru hui rooh uski...
jise abtak dekha nahi

The days went by and then even months .. finally he managed some leaves around Diwali .. there were more crackers inside then around ..He applied for leave and it got approved. He simply could not wait to tell her .. he almost flew to his desk to write a email which she was supposed to check 2 days later ..

So finally after so many if’s and but’s noes and yeses they were meeting .. They decided to meet on 26th October .

aage badate hue..........
sochta hun....sach likhun
ya adab ki bat likhun.

bhige se hai jajbat
ya koi garam bat likhun.

tere pas se gujra hun......
isliye salam likhun.

sham dale
mai kaise subah ki bat likhun.

sabne banaye hai apne khuda..
mai tujhe hi apna namaz likhoon.

So guys .. this is part 3 .. part 4 coming soon ....


Mehak said...

Finally !!!

Mehak said...

Interesting..EXCITING...but, such a small part :( ...bad girl..& have to wait till 10th for the next part....

I am eagerly waiting to read this PREM KAHANI !!! :D

starry nights said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and please do come by again. I love your story and you have such a cool site .will be back for more.

Ricky said...

Wow!! So they are finally meeting...yeayyyyyyyyyyy!! This will be interesting now. I loved both the shayaris, kya khoob likha hain...wah wah. I can't wait for 10th March :D

Colors said...

Thats not fair! After making us wait so long, such a short part! Anyway, its great to know that they are meeting :) Pleaseeee make 26th Oct come soooon!!

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW..what a love story...woh sher yaad aagaya

tujh ko dekha nahi mehasus kiya hai meine
aa kisi roz mere ehasaas ko paikar kar de

amazing and thanks for visiting
Do come again

Navjot Kashyap said...

Becoming exciting now...
Liked reading he post..especially that aage badate hue...sochta hun ... is simply great...

faith said...

wow!!! exciting.. whats gonna next!

beautiful shayari..

The Bhandari's said...

@Mehak.... Gold appka :), yeah a very small one, these days too occupied with work at office, surely try to put bigger part on 10th

@starry nights... welcome here, surely wait for you

@Ricky.... yeah finally meeting ;) thks for liking

@Colors... sorry,dear will try to post a bigger part this time :P and lets see how far will they find 26th Oct

@Dawn... warm welcome here, lovely sher, surely will visit u soon and will expect u to come back also

@Navjot.....thx :)

@faith.... hmmm next, wait and watch :)

Pratik said...

hi, nice post...

BTW ur complain is acknowledged!!

Juneli said...

Read the both parts.

A new style of writings… It's good to read your story in completely new style. I liked it :). Chalo kuch ko asar huwa "nagging ka" :P

So far it's going well. I'm waiting for a twist in next part. A completely DJish Style :D. Chalo dekhatein hai aage aage hota hai kya :).

Juneli said...

Wrong comments

Please delet it :P

Junlei said...

Here is my comment :D

I read three parts.

hummm so far story is going very good.

You know what ASL reminded me my own chat session in initial days. People used to ask me ASL, then I used to asked innocently what does it mean? They used to surprise and would explain me the meaning and when I knew the full form of this lingo then I tried to convince make realized that we could chat without this word or I never chatted who used to start chat with this word or force.

I have many friends made through internet but without using this "ASL" :).

Waiting for next part.