Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Rajni :)

Rajni my sweetest friend. We are friends from MCA and have shared lot of things together and even sometimes the room too ;) Had lot of fun in PG and have burned lamps together too. It's her birthday today and I want to wish her all the happiness and may she get success in her professional as well as Personal Life..... And I know she has found a person A* who will take care of her. God bless both of them :)
Had I been there we would have shared this cake too ;)

Happy Birthday Rajni

Preeti and Sachin
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nidhi2preeti'n'sachin said...


*Drooling* subah subah aise cheez dekh kar mann khus ho gaya....but i wanna have it too :P

Koi cake jaldi se kato na...aur bada slice mera !!!

:) :)

Rajni said...

Sure!!!!!!!!!!!,You can have a big slice.
Dear Friends
Thanx for the B'day Wish.
So many wishes from New Friends also.
I m having a Great Day.

Ricky2Rajni said...

Happy Birthday Rajni!!

Will I get a bite of the cake too?

Preeti said...

Sluurrrrrpppp.... I simply loved this cake...
kaash... main isse kha sakti :-(
Birthday wishes Miss Rajni!

sthupit girl said...

happy birthday.

its my ma's birthday today too!!

Lostaluv, and may God bless.

Aarti said...

Happy Birthday Rajni..

What are you waiting for.. Please cut the cake...

Me waiting to grab a bite..



anjan said...

happy birthday rajni!

the cake is tempting :D

rajni said...

Thanx a lot to all of you.I am feeling very important to get loads of B'day Wishes from my new Friends .I wish to meet all of them atleast once in my lifetime,if possible.

Thanx Friends, you all made my Day so Special

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