Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cherished Memories......

Was sitting idle and suddenly strike an idea why not write for the place from where I belong to. The place where I spend most of my time..... where I completed my schooling and the place
where I graduated...

Where I had my most memorable moment... YES my first date with Sachin..
the place where we both decided to get married.

Where we took decision to follow each other's religion and took vow to spend our lives together...

The Place I miss the most....

My home town.. Chandigarh :)

Place which I have left now with lots and lots of memories along with. This post I think is going to be mine biggest post ever as am not going to limit my thoughts and just jotting down what ever is coming to my mind....

Where Shall I start from...

Chandigarh the city beautiful..

We shifted to Mohali phase 7 in the year 1994 and from that year till 2004 I spend my time there only. So a decade almost and fell in love with the place and who won't. It is such place..

Okie I'll give a brief history of the place...

Chandigarh is the first planed modern city of India designed by the French architect LeCorbusier...

Chandigarh is famous for following:

  • Planning and Architechture
  • Quality of Life
  • High Educational Level
  • Pollution free environment
  • Aware and Active citizens
Chandigarh serves as the Joint Capital of both Punjab and Haryana states. Total area of the union territory is 114

ahaan rest of the information can be gathered from Here

or else google to hai hee ;)

Although best thing I do want to mention abt chandigarh is that

every sector has atleast:

  • 1 school
  • 1 market
  • 1 garden/public park
  • 1 gurudwara and mandir

And it is a common scene to see citizens taking morning and evening walk and kids enjoying the jhoolas (rides) in the park and then yes best thing to mention no markets on main roads so
no traffic jams and proper parking for every market.

I just miss the clean, wide and soothing roads of the place....Trees on both side of roads make the drive pleasant.

Apart from the individual gardens of each sector there are few famous ones too

*Rose Garden

*Shanti kunj (our third date's venue :P)

*Garden of Fragrence

*Hibisicus Garden

*Terraced Garden

*Botanical Garden

*Fitness Trails

*Rock Garden (Shri Nek Chands creation)

some garden pics slide shows can be viewed

Special Thanks to Baiju Joseph, Some of the pics used here are from his valueable collections :)

Year 1995....
When I completed my 10th in one of the models school.... what fun it was to study there

Year 1997....
When I completed my 12th Commerce from Sri Guru Gobind Singh Senior Secondary school. Where in I was school head girl (yeah it was again fun to be school head girl) *teacher's favorite* :P and that year I was topper of the school too (only golden period of my acadamics :D)

Year 2000...
My graduation completed in commerce... from SGGS college sec 26 affilated to Panjab University Panjab University wherein we spend lot of time ................
Year 2004....
My Post graduation completed ....MCA but that I did from Patiala from Punjabi University

Youth Festivals....
oh what fun were they to be a part of and too visit all that

Then window shopping in sector 17 heart of city beautiful (cudn't afford to do actual shopping there :P) Sector 17 is main shopping and commercial centre of Chandigarh.This vast commercial complex is a pedestrian's paradise with four main piazzas meeting at a 'chowk'. It provides something for everyone, from hectic business activity to unhurried window shopping and even crowd gazing in the vicinity of the fountain. Air-conditioned showrooms and departmental stores cater to the needs of shoppers.

Needless to mention the other places worth visiting....

  • Government Museum and Art Gallery
  • Museum of the evolution of life
  • Child Art Gallery
  • National Gallery of Portraits
  • International dolls museum
  • Punjab Kala Kendra
  • The Rock Garden..... We had spend time there too :">
It is created by Nek Chand and spread over 64 acres. Thevisitors are led through a maze of paths, chambers and canyons,each presenting a glimpse of a fantasy world. it is unique in its kind and is made by cutting the rocks and using all waste and discarded products.

  • Sukhna Lake...

The most memorable one for both of us...
Its a man made lake spread over 3 square kilometers.
This is favorite spot for bird watchers too. As from December through February, one can see many species of aquatic birds from Central Asia and Siberia. yeah these are the stairs where Sachin and I sat for the first time and he asked very hesitantly "Can I hold your Hand?" And the next question was "What next?"
And I replied "We getting married" :">

hmm although after marriage we didn't get chance to go back there... hopefully this time we'll make it :)

  • Leisure Valley
  • Bougainvillea Garden
  • Zakir Rose Garden
... Named after India's President, Zakir Hussain, the garden was established in 1967 under the guidance of Chandigarh's first Chief Commissioner Dr M.S. Randhawa. The largest Rose Garden in Asia, it is spread over an area of 27 acres and has more than 17,000 plants representing some 1,600 varieties of roses as well as several fountains.his garden is the venue of the annual Rose festival, an event listed on the national calendar of fairs and festivals. This is one of the main
cultural events of the city and draws thousands of visitors.

And Yes I do miss the Rose Festival........
What a huge crowd it draws every year and now haven't been to the festival for last 2 yrs....

  • Shanti Kunj
  • Children's Traffic Park
  • Terrace Garden
  • Rajendra Park
  • Smriti Upavana

Apart from that there are Excursions Around Chandigarh

  • Pinjore Yadavindra Gardens
  • Bhima Devi Temple
  • Chattbir Zoo
  • Cactus Garden
  • Mansa Devi & Chandi Mandir ------The goddess Chandi gave her name to the city.These temples are typical examples of North Indian templearchitecture

  • Bhakra-Nangal
  • Morni Hills
  • Kasauli
  • Chail
  • Shimla ------This sprawling hill town, now the capital of Himachal Pradesh,was British India's summer capital.

Shimla's attractions:

  • Mall
  • Ridge
  • Number of grand old buildings including Vice regal Lodge
  • Jakhoo Temple with large number of monkeys
  • Chadwick Falls
  • Annadale grounds
  • Tibetan Bazaar Unfortunately we have not visitedthe place yet... So this is also in our To Explore list :P

Fun City...

An amusement Park

Apart from all that Chandigarh Technology Park (CTP) is coming up

For further information on this visit

I just miss my place so much....

Isn't my city beautiful :)


mehak said...

wah wah...FIRST !!!!!! balle balle...shava shava

mehak said...

CHD is a place to ROCKS ....i love the city....hey u missed one imp thing...GEDI ROUTES...n verka booths in each sector, love the lassi n kulfi...n 22 market...chawla's and tehal singh's chicken shops in 22....n the smart JAT BOYZ.......*sob* *sob* ...purane din yaad dila diye...

Viewer said...

First of all Cnever knew that Chandigharh was such a beautiful city ....
Our Navi mumbai also looks very similar to the pics u have put up we too have sectors and stuff like that unfortuntely its getting crowded and loosing its charm but its better than living in mumbai or other suburbs.

Another coincidence is that the sector 17 of Chandgarh as wel as Navi mumbai is the most happening place i mean all big label shops , people window shopping etc

Plus u ar close to Shimla where it snows *sigh* me have never seen snow.

Pratik said...

Hi, firstly ppl who end up spending their lives together with their childhood sweethearts, like u did, r vey fortunate.
secondly, i had been to chandigadh, it is a nice and peacefull city,(just like pune); have also been to the rock garden, its good.
@viewer- so what if not shimla, mahabaleshwar is close from mumbai!

The Bhandari's said...

@Mehak.... hehehehehe. u rock gurl yeah.. there are so many things I missed to write but miss them so much like munching popcorns in sector 17, having twin softy...Sagar Ratna :D and Hotmillions

@Viewer.... yup Mumbai is the second best city I liked. As I have lived in so many places so can make differences. After Chd I got married and lived in Jaipur for some time, then Mumbai, Know abt Pune, and now in Hyderabad. Mumbai Rocks...

The Bhandari's said...

@Pratik........No Sachin is not my childhood sweetheart :D. I know him for last 5 yrs out of which our courtship was for 4 yrs and then we got married.But Yes am fortunate enough to have him as my life partner *touchwood* I met him coutsey Rediffbol :D Yup thats true Chd is nice and peaceful place With less traffic on roads and ppl having driving sense wherein ppl religously follow traffic rules and lights and yes we have separte lanes for bicycles, pedestarians and cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws

Aarti said...

Never knew chd was such beautiful place. i'd never had a chance to visit there.. but would love to someday. Esp after getting to know the best places to vist and their lil description.
Besides, it will certainly be some experience to be in a city in india, where ppl have some driving sense and follow the traffic rules! thats something thats ALIEN to hyderabad.. :P

Ricky said...

I am missing Chandigarh now. I spent one of the best years of my life there. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my Dad got promoted and we had to move after one year itself. We were based in Panchkula and Dad's office was in Chandimandir. I did my 5th grade there from St. Xaviers Academy, Sec 6, Panchkula.

I have so many wonderful memories from there. Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Gurudwara (I forgot its name), wide open roads, beautiful girls driving bikes, meeting Jaspal Bhatti in Sec 17, I ate cheese for the first time in Chandigarh...he he, going to Timber trolley and not going on the trolley as got scared and started crying...he he, Pinjore gardens - the most beautiful place ever....I can go on and on. It's amazing that I only spend one year there, never got back and still remember it like yesterday.

Thank You for posting this post. You are the bestest...:-)

Preeti said...

yes... indeed... ur place looks and sounds really beautiful.

I never have been to chandigarh, but from ur bulleted points i liked the Quality of life and pollution free envi..

lake looked good .... rose gardedn lukd superb...

i liked sachin's wish on the lake side.. ;-),very romantic person i suppose :-)

Sachin said...

hufff.. so many comments .. and so elobarate commnets .. so man CHD the city beautiful and it's description has made so many ppl nostalgic .. Even i have loads of memories , yesterday night when Preeti was showing this post we both got nostalgic with our old memories.. This time when i go there, i will make sure we revisit all those wonderful places.. i love it chandigarh and chandigarh wali .. ;)

mehak said...

@Ricky...Gurudwara Naada Sahib.
@Preeti ...yeah i forgot the popcorns of Sec 17..softy's too....

The Bhandari's said...

@Mehak..... yeah I forgot to mention that thanks for reminding :)

Rhea Verma said...

Wow, informative writeup.
I visited Chandigarh almost two years ago & i was bowled by the beauty of the city.

Nice Pictures.Keep writing

Ashish Gupta said...

awwnnn :"> lovely memories you both have had. 4 years!!!! those years sure deserve a couple of posts. What say? *wink,wink*

never been north :( would go to delhi for job - seems I've got a lot to visit :D

I am wondering as to who proposed whom first :-?

sthupit girl said...

awesome.. i was born there too. It's an awesome place... and you've mentioned ALL the points that make it a beautiful city. by the by, the lake now has a walking area all around... there's a club there and tennis courts.. people from everywhere come there in the evenings.. it's an amzing walk.

let's see other than the fact that i was born there.. my mum studied there, did her full schooling and all there.. my grandparents still live there.. the gurudwara's are the best.. i love just walking around on the roads there... there's greenary all over... You missed redimarket.. you get the bestest stuff there...Sector 11's got a good market now too.. 17 rules though!!

The markets have been modernized too... everything's hi-tech. You shud make a trip up north soon..

and now im homesick.


The Bhandari's said...

@rhea verma... thanks keep visiting

@Preetika....Yeah there are lots and lots of places I didn't mentioned and if I'll start doing so I think it won't end ever :P Yeah here in Hyd I know how much I miss gurudwara's while in chd even I can go any time as it was one at the back of our house only. And then what to mention abt Nada Sahib.. oh what crowd it draws during poooranmasshi... Then Aroma eating house... Sec 22 rehri market which now they have started calling as Janta Bazaar and man u need solid bargaining power for that... Yeah heard of sec 11 market but haven't been there... Yeah I went chd last diwali and now maybe once again this diwali...Then what enthu ppl have on valentine's day, rose day, chocolate day, friendship day and what not :D
Then Mango festivals and all the fairs patta nahin kya kya
I am back to chd :P

The Bhandari's said...

@Ashish.... *blushing* hahahahaha....
hmm Delhi is good place and both of us also want to settle down in noida or gurgaon...
//I am wondering as to who proposed whom first :-?//

Let Sachin give this questions answer :P

anks said...

Wow... that was some post preeti... looks like you really are fond of Chandigarh... I've never been to this city, though i've heard lots about it and once i almost visited rock garden....

I hope that you and sachin go back and sit on the same steps again... and this time I guess Sachin won't ask... he'll simply hold your hand! :)

Anchal said...

Hey Preeti
thanks for dropping by my blog...
I read this post...fortunately my first post on your blog...and was was cute, exciting, adventureous,
refer to thesarous for more words..;) )

All the places you mentioned here...I have been to none...and I can understand how much I am missing India now...

Congratulations to you and Sachin...I know it is late...but better late then never.


The Bhandari's said...

@Anks... yeah thats true Chandigarh is like that only thks.

@Anchal...Thanks and I will definitly refer to thesarous for more adjevtives lolz keep coming :)

Colors said...

Hi Preeti...1st of all thanks for visiting my blog. There u were liking my post with such few pics and here you yourself have such an amazing blog! I loved your Chandigarh post...I have always wanted to visit the city..have heard so much about it.

Ashish Gupta said...

c'mon abhi itta bhi blush nahi karo and let the cat out of the bag ;;)

Ricky said...

No reply to my comment...:-(

**sob sob**

Navjot Kashyap said...

Kya yaar! Chd ki yaad dila di .. I was there from 95 to phase 3b1, mohali .. your ph-7 was close by i suppose .. were u living somewhere near Chawla Nursing home??? I too miss Chd a lot & after reading your post I m missing it even more :-(

Navjot Kashyap said...

And reading these comments .. geri routes, sector-17, sector 22, hot millions.. sagar ratna...softy ..lake ...& a lot of other things ....Wishing to go back there..

Vicky said...

nostalgia...the best way to pass time..
cherishing those good ol' moments...:)

anjan said...

aaaah!! that was good induction to the city ... i´ve been to delhi but i so wanted to visit chandigarh and the himarchal area magar nahi ho saka... but now this reading has made me more assertive :)
Waise suna hai ki chandigarh ki kudiyan badi changi hoti hai ;)

faith said...

Chandigarg is really a beautiful place to live.. very nice post preeti..

thanks for dropping by at my place..


The Bhandari's said...

@Ricky......oho ji inni waddi galti kiddan ho gayee..Don't know how I missed to reply u *silly grin* Panchkula is also wonderful place to be in :) Yup once one gets a chance to be in chd even for some time is always left with memories for ever. Gurudwara which u must be mentioning here is Naada Sahib or else aamb sahib, saacha dhan, sec 34 gurudwara or sec 20 gurudwara :)
hmm *beautiful girls driving bikes*.... yeah thats true girls there live life to fullest and just zoom around or rather I say vrooom vroom *laughs*
hmm timber trolley is one thing I haven't experienced *sob sob* never been to there.

*You are the bestest...:-)*
Thk u thk u *smiling* I know that ;)

The Bhandari's said...

@colors....THks colors but yes I loved ur Kathmandu post and one day I'lld definitly try to make it..

@Ashish....hehehehe...let the cat be there only *grinning*

@Ricky... replied jee doobara aisaa nahin hoga sorry

@Navjot Kashyap...yup it's very close to 3-B-1 and I was regular visitor to 3-B-1's market for my stationeries in school and for the famous samosa'a from the market. just loved it they were so yummy and crispy. No Chawla nursing home is on the main road and our place was little bit in interiors. I want to go back too.. hmmm sachin says that we'll try to settle there in our old age to enjoy the peace of city

@Vicky... Yeah quite true. Thanks for visiting

The Bhandari's said...

@Anjan....:) yup aapney sahi sunaa hai and u know that :)

@Faith...thks dear

red said...

very nice post.thanx for the pics:)

The Bhandari's said...

@red.... thks buddy

harry said...

wow mohali haan! good great to know u used to be a neighbour...:P

well mohali is still rocking!!!!

AlterinG Abhishek said...


WOW Iso miss the place
SUPERB blog going here people
Cheerz to Preei
and sachin

StandbyMind said...

Hi nice blog...chd rocks man...17,35,lake,aerizona,blues ,gerri route..!
And ya preeti mam i happen to be ur junior.doing btch frm pbi varsity,patiala!u were in dcse i guess

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