Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A new post .. .

Precisely before you wonder this title ,I would tell you that since I could not think of anything else and did not have patience of thinking , I just kept this ..

There had been a long time since I have written something to blog , and Anjan too other then posting some forwards and things here and there had not done much . Reason is we both are pretty bored of the way life is progressing ..

There is nothing much happening in life front . No excitement, no expectations nothing doing .. I have been promising her to take her out for a movie and it has been 3 months hence . Just promises not kept ...

The routine is boring ..office work , home food and sleep .. got to do something out of it ... but donno what ..

My confirmation review is round the corner .. donno what will happen .. need wishes of all of you friends who are reading this .. will update u once it done .. Althought it will not make any difference to job still just a mental blockade ..

So the only thing is i will try and be more frequent to this post .. Also pour in suggestions to make things interesting ... :)


The Bhandari's said...

Hey am always there na... and I keep telling u pls don't worry everything will be alright... yeah thats true that u haven't taken me to any movie but I say that just to bug u and will keep bugging u ;) Don't worry u will definitly get confirmation and then by that time my appraisal period will come and I think then I'll be writing post on this or rather will do the copy parte and put my name there :P

Fursat said...

hey sachin...sometime life becomes too boring and predicatable.

but some outing and movie is nice change but u didnt keep tht promise to anjan :P so what are you waiting for? just go for a movie.

and my wishes are with you and everyone who is here will wish all the luck. and lady luck is with you. so dont worry. all ll be fine :)

nice to see another post from urside

take care

ashish said...

@Sachin: Dude you got a PJ Queen to entertain you back home! Who needs a movie. How could life be boring :P =))

as she said your lady-luck (anjan) is surely with you :)

hope you'll give life a tough time to bore you.

PS: how abt monthly gifts to each other - of course the gifts gotta be small ones, not costly and SELF MADE! It shud be a surprise too >:)
Working on it and keeping it secret would be fun! Of course the other party is entitled to ask for a NEW surprise gift if the original one is found out *evil grin*

sthupit girl said...

hylo guys!! knock knock. let ur hair down. kick up your skirts. Do something with life. Of course its boring if u dnt do anything with it.

pah. grown ups.

nidhi2sachin said...

hmm.....Am I late kya ??

If the good news is already confirmed then...'I knew it'

And if its still awaited.....'you will do it'


Preeti said...

hey! ALL THE BEST from me too... :-)

anjan said...

all the best for the conformation sachin!! Im sure you will get through this :-)

buy a gift for preeti... even the smallest will do.... it would makeup for all the promises unkept :D ... what say?

Anonymous said...

Hey happened to chance upon this blog..
Hope your Confirmation review went on fine.
If it isnt too late, here are my wishes too :-).

Anonymous said...

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