Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Tag....

  • Pet Peeves
    Okie here comes another tag from Manish this time and I need to write down 20 points I hate abt ppl. Okie I think it's not going to be so difficult as I think. Well this time the post is from Sachin and few points added by me too. Am compiling the points here :)

    20 Points

  • People wearing green pants or other wierd combinations
  • Girls with too much of makeup and espiecially the dark red lipstick
  • People with oil smearing hair rather oil dripping and that too in lifts when it becomes choking to stand by them coz of the smell
  • People who ask simple things 5 times
  • People who break traffic manners and thinks road is their personal property
  • People who keep on honking horn without any need and don't care even if they are passing by hospital or schools
  • People who dial wrong number twice or more
  • People who forward the mails containing lines "forward this message to 10 ppl or else something bad is expected"
  • People who forward 10 year old jokes
  • People who make hell lot of noice in hotel lobby
  • People who make lot of noice while eating "chomp chomp chomp"
  • People who make their fingers dirty while eating
  • People who break queues
  • People who stare at our computer screen while talking to us and try to read our chat
  • People who don't say anything to their kids while they creating havoc or breaking expensive things at the host place
  • People who praise themselves
  • People who keep on talking in movie theatres and telling the other person what's gonna come next
  • People who keep on praising their child and don't listen to the deeds of other's child and start comparison
  • People who pressurize to eat or drink in party when a person is actually not willing to have it.
  • People who talk loud on phone and that too in office and don't lower their ring tones either

okie that was all.. List can still go but we should stop here. Okie now it's time to tag other's hmmokie here I go
  • Mehak
  • Emotions (revenge :D)
  • Preeti
  • Neetie (come back now)
  • Nidhi (some more addition to ur chatterbox)
  • Ricky (I know u are already tagged but no probs) Posted by Picasa


Preeti said...

achha hai preetiji... making me bali ka bakra err. bakri for the second time...
no probs... yeh bhi interesting hai..

mehak said...


nidhi2preeti'n'sachin said...

he he he he :)) seems iss bar i will complete two tags at the same time...acchi timing hai preeti, Abhinav ka bhi tag kuch aisa hi hai :P

Thankyou for the tag...aisa hi bolte hai naa :-? :))

Take Care!!

Fursat said...

nice list...kafi lambi hai though..kafi milti bhi hai

"People who stare at our computer screen while talking to us and try to read our chat"

i hate this :|

will try to complete this tag...but thoda time lagega :|

crossblade said...

thanks for comming over to mine!!
I hate noisey and Nosey people too!!!!!
have a great day at work!!!
so u guys are technical writers...wowow....I'd love to work in that too!!!! he he

The Bhandari's said...

@Preeti.... enjoy will be waiting for ur new post

@Mehak....haaan pls do this

@Nidhi....u r welcome jee will wait for ur post

@Neetie.... no probs take ur own time dear

@thomas (crossblade)....yup we r tech writers and u are always welcome :)

Ricky2Preeti-Sachin said...

I love the picture of the chinka kid.

Ok, I agree with you on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 17...phew. Rest others are pardonable.

You tagged me too...sigh. Kya galti ho gayee mhare se LOL

rohini said...

People who forward 10 year old jokes

sahi hai!!

The Bhandari's said...

@Ricky... yeah I got this pic in some fwd and I found it to be perfect for here :) chalo tag poora karo

@Rohini.... yeah those jokes are sick

sthupit girl said...

lol...that was LONG.

But very very valid!

anjan said...

a good comprehensive list here .... and you can underline the last point .... i too hate people who shout over the phone looking to beat he human threshold of 140 decibels!

ass2006 said...

Hi, a nice blog you have here. You will surely get an bookmark :) xaNax

Tenali said...

Hmmm... some of them quiet interesting ones.

Ocean Spirits said...

Hey, your point 19 is really a fact....I have a lot of expirience..:-))
Cheers Danny