Thursday, February 23, 2006

Paraphrasing the words of ROBERT VALLET

I believe I am a unique and precious human being,
my own best friend :)
and my own worst enemy :(
a loveable and loving person,
capable of realizing my potential,
self respecting,
responsible for my own behavior,
learning from my mistakes,
creating a joyful life,
Making a difference in my own way,
Creating a beautiful world by little wishes,
a small and important part of the Universe.

I found these lines and thought of sharing with you guys
~Sachin Posted by Picasa


Ricky2Sachin said...

These are excellent lines, Sachin. I loved them. Very true. We all should be responsible for our own actions, our own destiny in life. Thanks for sharing!!

nidhi2sachin said...

When I was in school we had a Father who visited us to 'talk' about this and that...among many interesting games and things that we played and did he told us a rhyme..

I am ME
and I am GOOD
b'coz GOD made no junk !!

These few lines later appeared in the slam books of many of us..those few lines have been kept alive in many hearts :)

Thanks for these lines.

Fursat said...

nice lines sachin...we shud make our beautiful by little wishes :)

thanks for sharing :)

sthupit girl said...

simple, yet profound.

Thanks for sharing them!