Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tagging Business on hook

Well this is the first time someone has tagged us... kudos to Emotions

Okie as usual Sachin being a busy person and me a vehleee have to take this


Okie before I start this game let me tell you rules of the same:


  1. The tagged victim has to come across with 8 different points for their perfect lover.
  2. Need to mention the Sex of the target.
  3. Tag other 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog telling them that they have been tagged.
  4. If tagged for the second time, there is no need to post again.
Sex of the Target:


Perfect Lover:

What to mention as I have already found one in Sachin

Okie what has made him a perfect lover ....
lots and lots of things yaar...I cannot jot them all.
Anyways will try to cover maximum in 8 points

  1. He is my best friend and is always beside me when ever I need him
  2. He understands my feelings just looking at face and I cannot just hide anything from him.
  3. He knows me more than I know myself
  4. He is always in my reach and we both are compatible to each other
  5. He listens to me patiently..... all my blah blah and needs, desires, fantacy
  6. He faces all the hurdles coming my way and keep me aside of that
  7. I feel secure with him
  8. He takes care of me like am a small baby and tries to fulfill my every single wish
well a list is never ending......
I just don't know about anything but I love him from the core of my heart and we are made for each other...

Love can't be measured.....
It can only be felt..

He means a lot to me......

Okie now the fun part I need to tag 8 different people ...
Let me think whom should I do..

Ofcourse Neetie was first in list but she is already been tagged by someone else so will have to think of other people..

Here are they....(hope they don't kill me ;) )

  1. Aarti
  2. Ricky's Seventeen tomatoes
  3. Satya Prasad
  4. Shakti's log
  5. Mehak
  6. Distant Horizon
  7. Preeti V
  8. Nidhi
I wanted to tag Mitesh but as he is going to Atlanta so thought of sparing him :D

so now what left okie need to put comment's in these ppl and tell them abt the prank hahahaha..


Sachin said...

Preeti , My dream women..
love u a lot .. that's all .. I will do anything to make u smile.. you are my light of the day and inspiration to achieve the unconquered frontiers ..

thanks for all the love...


Neetika said...

This is so sweet.....
You are very lucky that you have person of ur dreams......
All the best

emotions said...

Hey Preeti,
thanx 4 continuing tagging further.....
its short n cute......really very sweet...
its true that love can't be measured.....

wish u n ur sweet sachin good luck...may god fulfill all ur dreams n wishes !!

all d bst !!
keep writing n keep smiling :-)

Ricky2Bhandari's said...

You are the second person to tag me for the same. I was trying to avoid it but not anymore. Thank You for tagging me.

You both look made for each other and it's not just a cliche in your regards. I read Sachin's reply too. May God Bless You Both!!

mehak said...


nidhi2preeti'n'sachin said...

Well i was trying to avoid this specific tag...but know what,this is my first tag and i will do full justice to it.

Thanks for thinking of me for tagging....will complete my tag biz soon.......have to do some introspection you see...ha ha...;-)

Fursat said...

"Ofcourse Neetie was first" what does it mean preeti:P

hehe..ya i told you i already tagged...

but good to see the list which made sachin pefect lover..good..

you are truely made for each other :)

good list...i wish i find my stupid perfect too :)

take care

God bless u !

the_new_cloud said...

Hey a good theme ..
But what about poor ppl like me who were tortured by their lovers and had to break off?? :-P

Ashish Gupta said...

wondering why dont you people (you=all couples around here in blogsphere) start writing e-love-letters on blogs to their loves :D

great idea to hon ur writing skills, gonna boost our literary skills reading them.... and would educate lesser mortals like us in the matters of heart :D

as I said its great to see you both soo much in love - may ur love outgrow everything alive! {OkOk I said that to myself - U'll know in a short while - keep guessing!!!!}

Shakti said...

I plead no contest.
There's no way I can describe my perfect lover since I've always been single and I can't find 8 people to tag either.

Preeti said...

preeeetijii..... yeh tumne mujhe kahan fasa diya......
u tagged me... its ok.... i would love to put it in my blog soon....
something different this time :-)

faith said...

thanks for dropping by at my place preeti..

wow iam speachless.. its just too sweet..

God bless u both..


Anonymous said...

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