Friday, January 20, 2006

The nostalgia ..

After long time absenteeism I am back . I need to be constantly bugged for doing anything .. Anyways , the nostalgia , as we had been talking about .. this is phenomanal you live your life thru certain ways and then u walk over to next destination . Still sometimes you wish to visit them , relive them . The days of adolecense , childhood and youth .. well 2006 is the year when we all touch 30 , a year for another change . A time to set new destinations and to find new ways .. then soon there would be concluding lines of this poetry called life..

Anyways , thanks a lot everybody for being regualr on our blog ,, today i don't have much to write , but just wanted to write something so created this post ..

Before I go would love you guys to read lines from a song which is very close to my heart .. This song is from Barsaat sung by Bhupinder

Karoge Yaad To Har Baat Yaad Aayegi
Guzarte Waqt Ki Har Mauj Thehar Jayegi

Yeh Chand Beete Zamanon Ka Aaina Hoga
Bhatakti Abra Mein Chehra Koi Bana Hoga
Udaas Raah Koi Dastaan Sunayegi
Karoge Yaad To...

Barasta Bheegta Mausam Dhuan - Dhuan Hoga
Pighalti Shammon Pe Dil Ka Mere Guma Hoga
Hatheliyon Ki Heena Yaad Kuchh Dilayegi
Karoge Yaad To...

Gali Ke Modh Pe Soona Sa Koi Darwaaza
Tarasti Aankhon Se Rasta Kisika Dekhega
Nigaah Door Talak Jaake Laut Aayegi
Karoge Yaad To...

Love and Peace


Neetika said...

It's a good song!!
The reason is same to start writing the blogs....
Keep writing>>
All the best$

mehak said...

30 RoCkS.......i still have a loong way to go before i reach that destination(abhi toh am sweet 16)...neways besties for the year too come...though wishes are late but "good wishes" are always bellcomed...

Fursat said...

I too have a long way before i turn 30 :)

huh i ll be old :P

anyways nice eventually you too posted something...

and pls tell me this song...i never heard it :)

nice post !!!!

Take care both of you !

Ricky2Sachin said...

Lovely lines!! I have not heard this song. I need to update my MP3 list it seems. Thanks for posting wonderful lyrics.

vandy said...

I think this song is from the film 'Bazaar'Suprira Pathak-Faaraq Sheikh. Tell me if I'm wrong.

The Bhandari's said...

@Neetie, Mehak and Ricky....thks all for ur good wishes

@Vandy.....yeah u r 100 percent correct :)

emotions said...

hey guys good going but u knw wat i hv tagged u
sorry 4 dat!!!

all d bst !!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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