Thursday, October 04, 2012


It’s been ages that I wrote something. No that doesn’t mean I have left writing, am still the very much writer, writing everyday as my work profile says am writer. Just that the personal writing has taken a backstage. All I write these days is User Manuals, Quick Start Guides, and Installation Manuals. I keep reading the troubleshooting techniques for the software RoboHelp, as I am busy compiling an online help these days.

In between my alt tab for various windows I thought of browsing the blog rolls I used to visit and what I found was more or less everyone stopped blogging. Last blog post published are somewhere around June 2011. What happened to all my blog friends, who use to write post like almost every day or every alternate day, they all got so busy that stopped blogging. Well why should I blame others, look at my last post. It dates almost two years back.

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पोटली वाला बाबा said...

I don't know what made me visit the blog. But I enjoyed going through it. Continue writing... :)