Sunday, July 04, 2010

Latest Happenings

A lot many times I thought of writing blog post but always have run out of ideas maybe my mind is pre-occupied with lot many things. More over Navyaa kept me on toes all the time, so thought why not use this space to share Navyaa's pranks and achievements. Here also I have been lazy as I have not kept record of her little achievements like her first word, her first crawl, or her first standing up on her own.

Today she is 2 years and 4 months old and everyday lot many things happen in her life and her little mind is always curious of daily happenings. Though she is unable to express in words as she is late speaker and her vocabulary till date is very limited. For her every animal is Cow and every kid is Baby.

I don't remember the date she uttered her first word but I still remember how happy we were to listen to her first few words. Today also when she learn new word brings a big smile on our face and our faces show proudness.

She looked so adorable when she walked for the first time with her hands up in air as if she is holding an invisble rope. This happened just few days after her first b'day when all of a sudden she took few steps and we were so happy that unknowingly we were calling our near and dears to share this news.

Now she is grown up as she started with her school. Her first day in school was 15th June, 2010.  We knew she will resist school as she don't want to come out of her comfort zone but didn't expect that this will be so tough. Her initial one week was really bad, she cried non-stop for four hours every day. I was standing outside her class and felt so helpless. She still resist going to school but the situation is not as bad. She is trying to settle in her new environment.

There are lot many shocks coming in her life as I threw her feeding bottle on 30th June, 2010 and she has stopped drinking milk. Sachin is force feeding her milk but that is still half glass only. The most shocking thing for us is that she is even not drinking water as resistance, though she very well drinks water from glass but just to rebel she is not taking even water, her water consumption has gone low..

I hope she will come over this soon.

Today I introduced colours to her and offered her sheet and colours to paint and the results were really nice. Will save her artwork and get it framed soon...

I think I have bored you guys a lot so I will stop here for the time being. Will come back soon :)

If you wish to see her art work you can see it on my other blog

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Abhi said...

Nice way of posting updates about Navya.. even better she can read this all when she is grown up and know abt herself as a child !!