Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Begining

Its been very long time I have written something meaningful. Just few updates, going on vacations , coming back from the same kind of posts. Even today I don’t have much to write, don’t know but life has become monotonous and tiring, Want to take time for myself, for family but don’t know where the time is. Sometimes wonder is this the life we dreamt off??
Both of us hardly get time to talk, such a busy and fast life that being in office sometimes ping each other to talk whenever we get some 5 or 10 mins free, No time to pursue our interests or hobbies, Cooking just to satisfy hunger and not for pleasure, only weekends we do get some time to spare. But still feel two days are too less to rest, as have to do all the pending chores of week days.
It’s new year now and haven’t made any resolutions this year, neither do I think Sachin made any. This reminds me of last year post by Sachin, where he made some resolutions, Let me go through it and see what have we achieved out of it:

“Things which remain unaccomplished .... And to accomplish in 2006
Yet to channel-ise career goals
Create fund to buy a House by Dec 2007
Manage finances more professionally
Try and reduce 6 kg atleast
Start a workout R-E-G-U-L-A-R-L-Y
Be regular with this blog “

Now 2007 is here :
Career Goals, Still not steady on the same
Fund: Not achieved
Manage Finances: Yes we have achieved that
Weight reduce????? Whats that :D Okie Sachin did reduced some but am the same
Workout: Forget the spelling even
Regular with blog: Still trying

Overall A good year So here we both welcome Year 2007
With a hope that this year will bring satisfaction in all aspects. A wish all of you may gain wealth, health and prosperity.

So Friends A very Happy new year to all of you.
PS: Pic has nothing to do with my current mood, one moment am stressed , other am happy and fine, just was googling to get image for TGIF and landed on this, full credits to it's owner, source of the image can be viewed here


Mehak said...

ohh yeah I know you guys are tooo tooo busy...Very diffcult question there Preeti..'is this the life we dreamt off?' ...Sometimes we want to chuck off our job n just spend time @ home with family..then on the other feels..when we have the caliber to work n earn then y sit @ home ..better to make use of the opportunity...neways..Here's Wishing you Guys Lots of Happiness, Success & Joy in 2007!!!

Sachin, keep going strong with the resolutions u made in early '06..

cheerios :)

Abhinav said...

Happy New Year to u too

The Bhandari's said...

@Mehak... Yeah very true, completely agree on what you have said. Really sometimes I feel like leaving job and rest for 2 or 3 months(cannot leave permanently as have seen while living in home for one month, sitting idle brings negative energy) But really want a big break, where there is no bhagam bhag , peaceful life, anyways this is life
Wish you and Taran a very happy new year :)

@Abhinav... Thanks dear, Wish you a very happy new year

Ricky said...

Picture dekh ke toh main darr gaya...hehe.

Atleast you could goto India yaar and spend some time away from work.

Kamm se kamm you tried on resolutions, that's enough. Rest get passed onto this year ;-)

Happy New Year to you both. May you both enjoy like you always do.

Viewer said...

Happy New Year to u too :) I hope u enkoy ur vacation and really get to spend some quality time for each other

The Bhandari's said...

@Ricky...yeah thats rhe best part that we were able to go there, but abhi again same routine :(Thanks for ur wishes

@Viewer.. thanks dear, vacation khatam ho gayee and we have resumed our offices 2 weeks back already :)waisay do wish that we can spend some quality time with each other