Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Merey ghar aayee ek nanhi pari

We are writing this to share
A moment so unique, a feeling so rare

A little cute angle has flown down to earth
From our prayers womb she has taken birth
Who would of thought, to our surprise?
The day we looked in our daughter's eyes,
That we would find our sunshine, our star, our pearl,
All the thoughts in our head, of this little girl.

You came to us early on the twenty eighth of February,
She was supposed to come later, but she was in a little hurry .
We did not realize the moment, 'till the moment she was placed inside of our hands.
And it was at that split moment,

When she opened her eyes,
her true identity was no longer disguised.

As the lights glistened, in her beautiful eyes,
Inside we slowly started to cry.

We were given an angel, from heavens' above, the final test as a man and wife,
A little girl to love and cherish for life.

Anjan Preet and Sachin Bhandari ( Mom and Dad )
Composed by Sachin
All this time I was blogging here http://www.mommy2be.wordpress.com/, where in I have shared my feelings as my days with pregnancy


Ricky said...

Oh this nanhi pari is so so cute. She has such a beautiful smile. Give my love to her!!

Sachin and Preeti...Congratulations from the bottom of my heart and what a beautiful composition by Sachin bhai. The little girl is already bringing the best in him :D

I am sure your Mommy2be blog will be a hit among all the Mommies2be :P

mehak said...

Nanhi pari ko bahut saaaraaaa pyaaaaar!!!


God Bless the li'l one.

Shubha said...

Very well expressed.Congrats to proud mum and dad... Lots of love to the angel...


Nimisha said...

beautiful !!
Congratulations to Sanchin and u, Anji. Navya is so precious. lotsa of love and blessings to her.

pinks said...

awwwwww.........so cuteeeeeee...saw ur other blog too...congrats to u n S.

Preeti said...

hey.. hearty congratulations to u couple!!!
ur daughter is so cute with a sweet little smile... wished i cud hug her... :-)
god bless u all..

Reema said...

bohat bohat bohat mubarak ho!! veryy happy for u guys.. i wish u n the little one tons of joy n wishes! God bless.. :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem
Congrats to you and to a new life...cheers! :)


Marlee said...

Congrats!!! Have fun with the baby :-)

Juneli said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH :) for being mum and pa of a lovely and cute Pari.

My love and a big hug and *munha* to her. BTW, what is her name. I think she already have a name by now :D

She lookes like Sachin :. Is this so?