Sunday, September 09, 2007

Life a step further......

So finally am coming back to writing, as you all know we are in UK these days and here life is totally different from India or Singapore. It's been two month we are here but we both are feeling terribly home sick.

It's not that we are out of India or away from our parents first time but somehow we are missing India and Indians terribly.

Although two good things are that weather here is wonderful and yes we both are finding more time for each other, it's not that am not working these days that's why but the reason is here people leave office sharp at 5:30 p.m. and as it's summers going on so days are long and it is still sunny till 8 p.m. and it starts getting dark at 10 p.m. So apart from tiring office day still we have good time together..

The other thing I like about here is houses, they are small and look like doll houses. It gives a great scenic look. The picture here is of a house opposite to ours which I see daily from my drawing room window and the other thing of delight is an apple tree at our backyard which gives a pleasant feeling.

Although haven't tasted a single apple from the garden as it's too high to pluck :)

We think our stay here will be till december 2008 and then we'll be back to our India :)



Ricky said...

Wow!! Nice to see you back. **Same Pinch** coz am first too :D

Yea, life here is not bad but we do miss home. I am coming to India this December.

Its good that you are able to spend time with each other and enjoy life together. Its amazing how people don't eat fruits fresh from trees here, the apples fall down and rot and no one will eat coz they don't believe it is clean or something :|

Chalo, now you better be regular. Take care :-)

Anonymous said...

preeti edara ranga rao seenu on aditya banner

ektaran said... soo happy to see an update here...& absolutely love the row houses...brick houses...doll houses....good that you guys are getting more time together!! have fun :)

The Bhandari's said...

@Ricky...So gold is urs :P, cool you going to India great... I know ppl here really do not pick apples from tree and it rots like anything, anyways am not among those, am just waiting these apples to ripe so that we both can enjoy them..

@Anonymous.... Sorry I cudn't understand your comment

@Mehak...Yeah me too like these raw houses here, thanks

Anonymous said...

Your environment sounds so nice...trees... :)
It's always good to be connected with nature...and trust me , that makes me remain sane! :P
Cheers to you!

Ricky said...

Mujhe bhi apple khana hain :D

Anonymous said...

Gurrrrrrr kitkittttttttttttttttt

(Not with yaar)
You know what I lost my comment as it shows error and I had to re-type all of them once again and it you how irritating it is…………..

Gurrrrrrr kitkittttttttttttttttt

I really hate this blogspot and its comment box :(. The second time I'm saying this today.


Anonymous said...

* Not with you Yaar

:( with this blogspot and with its comment box. You would belive I've trying to comment for the last 30 mnts might more than this.

You you can't imagine how many times it showed the errors gurrrrrrrr kitkit

Anonymous said...

Now let me write here my original comment :D

Welcome Back !!

I mean blogging yaar not India :P :(

Really nice to see you back. And lovely pictures and surroundings indeed.

Try to enjoy your stay and make it memorable as much as you.

If you miss India and your home then visit our pages. Hum sab aas-paas hee hain so fikar not. Masti se rehena, ghumme ka, khaneka, peene ka …. no no no No peene… but life ko fullest jeene ka aur hum sabe ke saath share karne ka. Haa biddu fotu bhee who bhee full colourphool mein. Apun sab se dhapla nahin karne ka. Samjha kya?


The Bhandari's said...

@Juneli.... am really sorry but I know sometimes blogspot drives us nuts, it has happened with me also lot many times that it eats up my comments on other's blog and have to take pain again to go through that again....
thanks for welcoming back to blogging and day is not far when u will welcome back in india too :P
your blog is always a wonder to visit and am fan of ur hindi and by going through ur blog there are so many words which I really don't know what do they mean :P, my bad

The Bhandari's said...

@Aindrila .... yeah environment is really great here :)
@Ricky... iss tree ke apple khaaney hain to yahan aa jao , most welcome, infact they are so high mera to haath nahin jaata kuch merey liyey bhi tordh dena :P

anks said...

hi, am coming back to blogging too... :)

so did u get a job in uk or still playing the dutiful wife?

Ricky said...

Pakka, wait karo pedh ke neeche mera, am coming :D

The Bhandari's said...

@Anks.... welcome back, hmm doing some freelancing this time

@Ricky... subah say shaam ho gayee am still waiting there :P

hope said...

hey welcome back..
yes! thats the best thing i liked in UK that people leave work at fix time.. its good :D

btw, iam still in hope that u'll complete that story someday *smiles*

Jyoti said...

"we'll be back to our India" I liked it..we are also waing for al our "indians" to come back..JALDI AANA.....

The Bhandari's said...

@Hope... thanks dear, yup thats really good thing abt their time punctuality...
about story I too hope to finish it one day, *smiling back*

@Jyoti... thanks and welcome to my blog

Marlee said...

Preeti, Sachin: Pls make the most of the apple tree! Would love to see a closer shot of the apples :)

Viewer said...

Glad to see u back in action Preeti. Apple tree in ur back yard .... wow that is somthing immpossibily imaginable here in india. Enjoy it while u can girl. Keep blogging and keep rocking.