Thursday, December 08, 2005

Home Theater - Kahani mein twist

Lo Bhai , Kahani mein ek aur twist .. Philips is offering a 8500 WATT perchannel 145 RMS 5.1 channel speaker system only for 15000 , now that is a steel .. Well I need to hear it to believe it .. The Sales manager called himself ( hehehe) and told me this . The model is expected to come on next week mid.
I really want this to be done before my birthday .. and Iam so confused.

Today the day had been pretty hectic . Loads of work is flowing in since quite few days , hope I am able to keep up with pressure. Preeti is not well again but I know my brave BOSHO ( this is what I call her) will come back with a bang.

Saw our new OFFICE Campus yesterday , it rocks .. here is some humor..

Q: Why dogs don't marry?
A: Because they are already leading a dog's life!

Some Trivia Facts
~ The sandwich is named for the Fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-92), for whom sandwiches were made so that he could stay at the gambling table without interruptions for meals.

~ An etiquette writer of the 1840's advised, "Ladies may wipe their lips on the tablecloth, but not blow their noses on it."

~ China's Beijing Duck Restaurant can seat 9,000 people at one time.

~Large doses of coffee can be lethal. Ten grams, or 100 cups over 4 hours, can kill the average human.

~According to the Gemological Institute of America, up until the 1730's, India was the only source for diamonds in the world.


The Bhandari's said...

:) ohh gain I have to go thru that shopping spree....
So this time Phillips .... hmmm..
facts are cool sachin..

anjan said...

go for this day light robbery!